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Bliss is the “carrier” for our life energy.


Here is what Deepak Chopra says in QUANTUM HEALING:


“…it can alter the heart rate, blood pressure, hormone secretions, or anything else for that matter. This is what allows bliss to be useful medically…What is happening is that the body is receiving a signal from its own blueprint, not a material blueprint but the one that exists in consciousness.

Because the blueprint it invisible, it has to find a way to cross into material existence. To do that, nature employs bliss—it is a vibration that bridges mind and matter, allowing each bit of the body to be paired with a bit of intelligence…the mind-body connection (is) like a radio broadcast: mind is sending out impulses of intelligence, DNA receives them, and bliss is the carrier signal. On paper, these three elements have to be separated, but in reality they are completely fused. The message, the messenger, and the receiver are one. Of  course, we have looked at the mind-body connection dozens of times before, but we didn’t have the ‘glue’ that keeps mind and body from flying in separate directions—bliss.”



So…how to open up to bliss?


Deepak Chopra says meditation. He also mentions “primordial sound” as a healing modality.


I use Laughter Yoga, yoga type “exercises,” meditation, music, cold showers and breathing exercises.


What is clear to me now is that whatever else is going on around me, it is critical to find a way to access bliss moment by moment.


Though I did not know it at the time, it is one of the reasons I wrote The Zen of Joy. Some of the protocols in the book are available on my site so you can sample it: http://zenofjoy.com/ and go to The 7 Step Coaching link on the right of the page.



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