Joy and Ease. When Daily Rituals are not Enough. Mastery Newsletter September 14, 2016

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We’re on our way back to home port. Three of my dearest friends and I have been on a cruise in the Gulf Islands of British Columbia.


I’ve known these guys since the early 60s. Over half a century, for crying out loud.


Ken’s 34-foot cabin cruiser has been our home for an extended weekend.  The weather is still perfect. Sunny and warm. So we are on deck.


We amuse ourselves with a dictionary of nautical terms. “What is the nautical meaning of ‘Mother Cary’s Kitchen?’”


(Don’t ask me. I have already forgotten..ha!)


Laughs. Ribbing. Creativity. Even FastEddy is getting into it. The fun is flowing. I feel truly and deeply blessed.


I have a deep and restful sleep on Sunday night. Better than for many a moon.


The next night, not so much. Is that it? Now back to restlessness at night?




I do a lot of the latest self-development techniques I know about. Exercise. The Iceman course: deep breathing, yoga type stretches, meditation, cold showers. Afternoon meditation. Laughter Yoga daily. Why is it not enough to produce a deep and restful sleep every night?


I have a question about this. Is it the trauma that we experience as kids that hangs around when we are adults?


Maybe. Laughing, fun, creativity with old friends seems to release it all.


How do I keep it going?


Maybe, just maybe it is paying more attention to my intuition.


When I got home from work, I felt a little overheated. My thought was to have a shower. The Iceman cold showers always seem to perk me up.


Guess what? I didn’t follow up and actually do what my intuition told me.


Instead, I got caught up on emails and social media. I did the laundry. Had a bite to eat. Watched a movie.


Daily rituals are all fine, dandy and necessary.


Maybe going forward I will listen to intuition and then act on that intuition.


What do you think? Might that be an answer?


I guess I will find out.



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