Beatles Sing-a-long. Matti’s Victoria Newsletter October 6, 2016. Neat Stuff For My Greater Victoria Friends, Fiends And Fellow Roustabouts.

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                                                                           Beatles Sing-a-long

Friend Brian Richardson, who went to the same school as John Lennon, leads a Beatles Sing-a-long as a fundraiser at St. Peter’s Church.

Tomorrow, Friday night. Details:



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Eight Days a Week Film.

The Ron Howard documentary on the Beatles touring years. Rave reviews. A must see for Beatles fans. Vic Theatre 4pm Saturday and 7pm Sunday, this weekend only.



Halloween Stuff in Victoria and the Island



Laughter Yoga: Gettin’ Better all the Time


Special Class Thursday Oct 6: 6.30pm Free, 801 Kings Road. Quadra Community Centre. Eric “Sunny Side Up” Bourgault leading.


Sunday, Monday, Wednesday classes too:






Get Certified as a Laughter Yoga Leader.


Next training October 22nd and 23rd. (Helping Others Doubles Our Joy)




Abandonment, Addictions and Belonging/Attachment Workshop


Have you ever said ‘yes’ when you really wanted to say ‘no’?


That’s an example of abandoning yourself. Repeatedly abandoning oneself can evoke feelings such as grief, loss, rage and despair. The good news is learning how to reverse this pattern is possible.


If this speaks to you, come to an experiential weekend workshop Oct. 29 & 30 to explore these concepts.


More info:



$50 is Yours: A Tangerine Bank “Thank you” for opening an account.


Already $100 earned for this cowboy…just for referring to Tangerine Bank. If you open an account with my key, they will put $50 into your new account.


Too good to be true? Not really, banks do this from time to time…maybe not the big banks. My credit union did a similar thing and gave me $100 for opening an account.


Aggressive marketing I guess. Anyway, $50 is yours. You’re welcome.


Open a Tangerine Account with my Orange Key 15772491S1 and get a $50 Bonus! Visit




“When we open to our potential, the world changes…

dramatically and for the better.”




Love, Laughter and Smiles,



Matti Anttila

Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher

Author of:

The Zen of Joy.

How to Rewire Your Brain for Happiness & Success.


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