Unraveling Childhood Trauma is Key to Good Health. Mastery Newsletter November 16 , 2016

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I was maybe four or five years old.


It was the first time mom and dad had left me with a neighbour overnight.


It was all new and strange to sleep in another house, another bed.


I was scared. Reassurances did not help.




Sidebar: Hering’s Law of Cure states:


All healing takes place from the inside out, from the top down.


And the symptoms reappear in the reverse order of their appearance.






So this must be good news. Feeling the same fears and sense of loss and abandonment.


A video triggered this last night.


A mother threw out her young child because he voted for Trump in a mock election at grade school.


She recorded it. Threw the video up online.


The poor boy was crying, bawling his eyes out.


If this video is true (you never know online), it was a horrible act of emotional abuse.


This has nothing to do with Trump.


And I do not condemn the mother. Who knows what her childhood was like. What trauma she carries to be that cruel to her child.


What this has to do with is my reaction.


I had a hard time getting to sleep with the image a distraught boy crying pitifully.


That image triggered my memory. Thank goodness I have trauma release protocols.


I use laughter, smiling, breathing, the Iceman course, yoga, meditation and cold exposure.


Also this motivated me to get back into barefoot tai chi outside on the grass.


As a result, I feel more empowered than ever. And motivated to help ease suffering. Mine first. Others next.


Are you sitting with some painful memories at times?


Consider Laughter Yoga as a start to releasing pain.


Laughter is considered one of the most powerful pain relievers.


The trick is to do it for ten to fifteen minutes at a time.


A Laughter Yoga club works.


If you have none in your neck of the woods, consider downloading my laughter video. It is here:







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