Hard Work or Joyous Play? Which is life supposed to be? Mastery Newsletter January 3, 2017

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On the one hand, we are told to work hard so we can afford to retire and then take it easy.


On the other hand, “The Law of Attraction” folks tell us that visualizing and affirmations can give us everything we want.


Which is it?




However there are “flies in the ointment” with both those strategies.


The “work-hard-to-retire” way was created to fit humans into the industrial revolution.


How can we get them to work at jobs they don’t like?


When factories were first created they had a hard time getting workers. They would go out for beer as many as 16 times a day. (source: Worth Magazine article: “Don’t Retire, There are Better Goals in Life.”)


And then the workers would often leave the job not long after signing on.


So…the manipulators created this dream of a fulfilling retirement. Even though work may be tough and you may hate it…hang in there, your reward is a life of ease and contentment when you retire.


We now know this is a crock. If you are miserable all your life because of the job, it is hard to turn a switch and make life joyous at age 65 (or 55 if drink the “Freedom 55” Cool Aid).


So now we have folks believing they are supposed to take it easy after a certain age.


What if we are built to work HARDER as we age?


What if we are hard wired to contribute and serve to our last breath?


Nothing in nature retires. We are part of nature.


What if we are meant to use our life of experiences, our acquired knowledge and wisdom, and help others. And help them to our last days?


I have adopted this model for my life. This attitude is a truly enriching one.


It jazzes me and gives me energy. This attitude of working hard to contribute and serve gives me abundant joy.




But, but…


You may know folks who work hard and are not happy.


What about just accepting the gifts life has to give?


Don’t I believe in “The Power of Now?”


Author Eckhart Tolle says he sat on a bench and all was revealed.


Did not happen that way for me.


Instead I found I have to work hard to stay in the moment.


The hard work is releasing. Releasing the blocks to abundance.


And therein lies the paradox.


It is a easy as can be AND it is the hardest work I have ever done.


The discovery?


Life is both. Hard work and easy as can be.


Smile, breathe deeply and slowly, sit up and pay attention to posture.


That’s part of the formula I use.


I wrote the book THE ZEN OF JOY just for this reason.


You can get more on this paradox and how to ease into hard work while living in joy. Some free tools for you here:




To Your Joy, Energy and Health,






In this issue also:


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Inner Peace is the True Wealth


Don’t get mad, Mr. Putin. It’s just our little game.











Almost everybody agrees with the following two statements: (1) Life is full of gifts; and (2) I often forget that life is full of gifts. —ROBERT HOLDEN




20 Top Health Tips from 2016 (I would add the Iceman course)




Inner Peace is the True Wealth

“There is a criterion by which you can judge

whether the thoughts you are thinking and

the things you are doing are right for you.

The criterion is: Have they brought you inner peace?”

  • Peace Pilgrim




Don’t get mad, Mr. Putin. It’s just our little game.


The news this week, about President Obama ordering 35 Russian staff members to leave the country in retaliation for allegedly hacking emails of DNC leaders, sent my memory reeling back to a conversations I had in 1985 with Yuri Bezmenov, a defector from the Soviet KGB. Yuri’s specialty was propaganda and weaponized journalism. He also was a skilled operative in the diplomatic corps.


I learned a lot from Yuri about how governments function at the diplomatic level, but the thing that impressed me most was that political diplomacy is a game played by professionals who follow a strict set of rules. One of those rules is that it is assumed that each diplomat is always lying. Furthermore, one should not take offense at that. It’s merely part of the job, and all the players respect that rule without taking it personally.


Yuri explained to me that, during the Cold War, in order to look good to the people or to cover up some corruption that came to light, political leaders on both sides would find it useful to make a big show of expelling from their country a few members of each other’s diplomatic corps. But it was just a game that the professionals understood. In most cases, those who were expelled soon were replaced by others with the same assignments or, in some cases, they quietly returned to their original posts after a short sabbatical.


(My recorded interview of Bezmenov is shown above. He does not discuss this specific issue in the interview but goes into great detail on how he hoodwinkied journalists and diplomats who visited the Soviet Union. Fascinating stuff.)


All this came to mind when I heard that Obama had given 35 Russian ‘operatives’ 73-hours to leave the country, because they were suspected of having something to do with hacking the emails of DNC leaders. I couldn’t help but wonder how many of them already had plane reservations to Moscow to arrive for a New Year’s celebration with family and friends.


Finally, I began to wonder when Russia, China, Germany, the UK, France, and other countries will send American ‘operatives’ home for hacking emails, phone calls, text messages, bank records, and travel records of the leaders of those countries. Of one thing I am certain, if it does happen, no one will take it personally. It’s just part of the game.


  1. Edward Griffin

2016 December 30




Emmanuel’s Book III








“Your profession is not what brings home your paycheck. Your profession is what you were put on earth to do. With such passion and such intensity that it becomes spiritual in calling.” – Virgil





To be even happier you could learn 100 techniques, meditations and mental tricks, or you could just decide to be a more loving person. —ROBERT HOLDEN, LOVEABILITY


To Your Joy, Energy and Health,



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