Hearing Aids at No Cost + Ridiculously Cheap Stuff in Victoria. Matti’s Victoria Newsletter January 18, 2017

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Neat Stuff For My Greater Victoria Friends, Fiends And Fellow Roustabouts.


Free Hearing Aids.


New or Used depending on situation.


The Island Deaf and Hard of Hearing Centre (IDHHC) is working with a Provincial Government program to help those who need a hearing aid. Those who may not be able to get the funds together.


Work BC is one program. This is for those who need a hearing aid to get a job or keep a job. New aids in this program.


There is also WorkSafe BC. There you have to link hearing loss to work situation. That can be a challenge if it happened decades ago. I am told this can take lots of paperwork and 6-12 months.


There is also a third one for seniors on fixed income. These are reconditioned aids.


A friend got this and it happened fairly quickly.


If you or someone you know suspects hearing loss, contact Chandra at IDHHC http://idhhc.ca/ .


She did a great job for my severe hearing loss.



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​”When we open to our potential, the world changes…

dramatically and for the better.”




Cancer Hates Foods Containing This Trace Mineral

(FYI: Victoria soil is deficient in this, I am told) http://ow.ly/A4sn3081fOw




(This is my friend Fred…salt of the earth guy):


RELIABLE HOUSE SITTER AVAILABLE -2017 into 2018 bookings


Are you looking for an honest, reliable, mature house sitter for extended absences (One month or longer) in Greater Victoria BC ?


I am a semi-retired, pet-free, non-smoking, non-drinking businessman who can:


-Stay in your home to ensure all is in order.


-Provide regular updates to you.


-Care for dogs / cats.


– Offer limited gardening -mainly watering.


– Keep your home clean, safe. Treat it with respect and TLC.


Please contact me to discuss your requirements and determine if I am a good fit for your needs.


Contact Fred Jones at: mqsjones@gmail.com  or Tel:250-858-3275.




Ridiculously Cheap Stuff in Victoria.


Have you heard of this Facebook Group? Folks post deals they find around town. Apply to join by searching for the group. My fave find? Brand name dress shirts, normally $75, on for $19.99. That was the Bay’s One Day Sale.




“Good humor is a tonic for mind & body. It is the best antidote for anxiety and depression. It is a business asset.” Glenville Kleiser


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