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Whatever we want in life, there is a price.


Stuff at the store costs money.


Other stuff too.


Want a relationship?


We need to expend our time (more valuable than money),

our energy and our love.


Want success in life?


Time, energy and money is the currency. (Love too)


Want good health? Longevity?

We need 3 things: F.E.D.


Family and friends.




Family and Friends

Dr. Lissa Rankin (popular TED talker) tells us loneliness is more devastating to our health than either diet or exercise.


Having close friends, love in our family and a supportive “tribe” can get us through times of trials and tribulations.


Price to pay? We have to invest…Time, Energy and Love.

When a friend needs us, we have to be there.

We have to give what we want to receive.



Our bodies are meant to move.

This is a tricky one.

Mostly because of the myths that have grown up around exercise…combined with the prevailing thought that “more is better.”


There is a limit to how much exercise is good for us.


Too much can wreak havoc on the body.


I have great respect for the Olympic athletes, the marathoners and the Iron Man racers.  They can however pay a huge price.


Injuries may be the least of those prices.


Exercise creates free radicals which age the body.


So, the price to pay in this area is…research.


We need to find what is the most appropriate type of exercise and the most appropriate amount of exercise.


This may be and can be different for each of us.



The same applies for our food intake. (That’s a better name for it than diet…but FED is easier to remember than FEF…ha ha)


We need to research what is the most appropriate type of food and the most appropriate amount.


Woe betide the person who goes the all too familiar route.

Eating low fat, counting calories, cutting back on meat, even going vegetarian or vegan.


These ideas may work for some.


You may know someone who went this route and is enthusing about how great they feel.


They can be almost evangelical.


The price to pay is research.


Every one of us is unique as snowflakes.


Bottom line?


We cannot leave our major life decisions at the hands of the “experts.”


We can listen to advice from them. It is wise to do so.


In the final analysis, it is I who must make the decision.


Only you can pay the price for a healthy, happy, successful life? This is one thing that cannot be delegated.


Are you willing to pay the price?



Your Joy, Energy and Health,






In this issue:

Before you blame your pillow…

The End of Big Government?

Five Books You’ve Never Heard of That Will Change Your Life












“The present moment is filled with joy and

happiness. If you are attentive you will see it.”

– Thich Nhat Hanh





Before you blame your pillow…

Improving your posture could help reduce muscle pain, joint pain and headaches

If you often find yourself suffering from neck and back pain, you may have blamed your pillow or even your bed for the discomfort, but the problem might have nothing to do with your furniture and everything to do with the way you carry yourself.




The End of Big Government?

On President Trump’s first day in the Oval Office, he made good on his campaign promise

by withdrawing America from the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade negotiations.

Gold guru Larry Edelson declares:

“Mark my words, this is only the beginning.”



Five Books You’ve Never Heard of That Will Change Your Life




The Fear Cure Dr. Lissa Rankin




Hello, My Name is Doris.

Great performance from Sally Field.




“Joy is what happens to us when we allow ourselves

to recognize how good things really are.”

– Marianne Williamson




How Laughter Fixed a Classroom



To Your Joy, Energy and Health,



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