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We hear so much about terrorism these days.


Hearing so much about it actually CAUSES terror.


Neuro-Linguistic-Programming (NLP) gives us clues.


In order for us to understand what the word means we have to access the meaning inside ourselves.


Whenever we hear the word, our body-mind system goes to previous experiences with the word.


It accesses previous memories. Previous experiences with terror are brought up in our internal “movie screen.”


Critical point: There is no choice in the matter.


We HAVE to do this to understand the word and the sentence in which it is used. It is automatic. Not escapable.


Therefore, every time we hear, see, experience the word, we are thrown into terror.


Fear springs up.


This is useful to those who would sell us stuff.


This could be advertisers selling us consumer goods.


It could also be politicians selling us their election promises.


The ones who are most highly skilled at this are the ones who trigger our fears.


Advertisers cause us to vote with our dollars in the marketplace.


Politicians cause us to vote in the polling booth.


The rational mind cannot override this process. Even though we know about it.


The most highly skilled learn how to “appeal to our emotions.”


How to Escape this Trap.


Not with the rational mind.


There are some steps we can take, based on reason.


One is to limit or eliminate exposure to news.


Those who have done so, report more peace and calm in their lives.


Fear of Missing Out (FOMO)


This dynamic fear rears its head when we try to divorce ourselves from daily consumption of news.


If it’s really important, someone will tell me.


If you try it, you may find this to be the case.


When 911 happened, don’t you think someone would have told you?


Full disclosure. I am not there yet. I kinda enjoy news. Hmph.


What I no longer do though, is TV news. It is particularly insidious. Sneaks into the subconscious and causes immediate angst.


If you choose to try this out, a step by step process is likely called for.


Cutting down first.


At the edges. That is to say, don’t watch TV news late at night or first thing in the morning. Those are the times when we are most vulnerable.


From there, we can slowly reduce and eventually eliminate much and most, if not all, exposure to fear inducing input.


Life CAN be Joyous


Are you willing?


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