Now, More than Ever, It is Important to be Happy. Mastery Newsletter April 12, 2017

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The darkness descends.


No one knows how dark it can become.


Will the world we know survive?


Will we survive?


It is easy to feel helpless, overwhelmed, sad.


Who can be blamed for worrying?


It is now, more than ever, an uncertain world.


An uncertain future.


Dear reader: it was ever thus.


In the 1950s (I date myself now),

this same fear was stalking the land.


The “Free World” as we called it then,

was deathly afraid of the Russkies raining nuclear bombs on us.


The US and Canada set up the Distant Early Warning (DEW) sites all across the arctic.


This was to give us a few minutes, maybe hours, of warning.


If the Russkies (the Soviets) send those warplanes,

we might have time to evacuate.


To where, was not certain.


My grade 5 teacher gave us a map of Vancouver with escape routes out of the city.


Where were we supposed to go then?


Across North America, bomb shelters were being built.


They were stocked with supplies for a few weeks.


There was a palpable fear.


You could cut if with a knife.


That same fear is in the air today.


Today, though, we know more.


We know that peace begins inside each person.


When we are in our “reptilian” brain, in fear,

we make decisions based on emotion. (Bomb them!)


When we release the fear,

we allow our higher selves to dominate and make decisions based on love.


Yes, at times, the decision needs to be to use physical action to defend ourselves or our family.


As the Japanese martial art of Aikido teaches,

that can be done while centred.


While there is a tempest outside of us

anger, fear, attack, etc.) we can react calmly.


This is where happiness comes in.


“If you can keep your head while others are losing theirs, you’ll be a man, my son.”

-Rudyard Kipling paraphrased. (forgive the obvious sexism…he was a man of his times)


This is the challenge today.


Staying calm, staying happy, loving action

in the maelstrom we find ourselves in today.


I do Laughter Yoga.


I do the Iceman protocols, including meditation,

yoga, breathing and cold exposure.


As well, I work to extend love through service.


I ensure I have community.


Differing tribes: my family, friends, my Laughter Yoga friends, Toastmasters.


What can you do to stay happy, calm, centred,

in love with life while witnessing today’s storms?



To Your Joy, Energy and Health,



Matti Anttila


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