Secrets to Making Spring Cleaning a Spiritual Exercise. Mastery Newsletter May 10, 2017

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When you enter your home by the front door, what is the first thing you see?


Does it spark joy?


My friend GG is a professional organizer.


She helps people clean out the “stuff” in their lives that doesn’t serve them anymore.


One professional client of hers almost turned her away at the door.


She was feeling overwhelmed with work and tasks at home as well.


She just didn’t feel she had the energy to go through all the “stuff.”


She had made the appointment, but…


GG’s winning smile did the trick and they got going.


By the end, the client was laughing.


She shared that she felt much lighter and more joyous.


Back to your front entranceway.


GG says this one tip creates joy for her every day.


What is the first thing you see on entering your home?


It is also the last thing you see when leaving.


My spring cleaning guideline has always been a two question affair.


  1. If I have not used it for a year, why do I still have it. In other words, is it USEFUL? And


2). If it is not useful, is it beautiful?


If it did not meet either of those criteria, it was eligible for tossing out, selling or giving away.


GG’s twist on that is: It might be beautiful, but DOES IT SPARK JOY INSIDE YOU?


Wow, what a revelation.


So she took down a picture in her entryway that was beautiful, but had some negative associations.


She replaced it with another picture that caused her to smile. It sparked joy!


Another challenge she faced is not unique.


I know because I have faced this in my spring cleaning sessions.


Another client was hanging on to dinner plates that she never used.


Those plates were her mother’s. Mom used them on special occasions. It was hard to let go of them because of positive associations.


GG offered some elegant solutions.


Take a picture of one of them. Frame it and put it in a place of honour in the home.


Or, keep one plate and place it as a memento of mom in a special place.



The reward for spring cleaning is lightness of being.


Just like GG’s professional woman, you may find letting go of “stuff” that is not useful and does not spark joy, you may find more joy.


What stops you from lightening your load?





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