The Importance of Doing Nothing Mastery Newsletter June 14, 2017

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Sometimes, it is good to do absolutely nothing.


Arthur De Vany is 79 year young. His “numbers” are as he were a much younger man.


In his book The New Evolutionary Diet, he outlines his practices.


I got interested when I read The London Times interview when he was 71. At that time, he had the testosterone levels of an 18-year-old.


That caught my interest.


In a nutshell, he eats much like hunter-gatherers did over 10,000 years ago. Very little modern food. Eating on no schedule.


Hunters would gorge when there had been a successful hunt. And then not eat for longer stretches.


He also exercises on no particular schedule. Much like those ancestors, he does intense spurts. And then can go days without any exercise.


In the book, he says how he plans his work around periods of doing nothing.


Nothing meaning not watching TV, reading and not even meditating.


Just meandering walks with his wife or laying in the grass with his dog and watching the clouds.


He claims this is very important. Especially in today’s rush-rush world where we always seem too busy.


When was the last time you did nothing?


Would you ever consider building your schedule around doing nothing?





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