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Want a Greater Risk Of Dementia?


Retire Early


Those who retired at age 55 were 89% likelier to die within ten years of retirement than those who retired at age 65.


Those who retired at 65 years old had a 14.6% lower risk of getting dementia than those who retired at 60 years old.


This was reported in the British Medical Journal about a 2005 study of employees at Shell Oil.


“Work tends to keep us mentally and physically alert – gerontology research

suggests we ‘use it or lose it’ because people have a reason to get up in the

morning, to look after their health and to maintain their social contacts. According to Carole Dufouil, director of research in neuroepidemiology at INSERM at France’s Bordeaux School of Public Health, each additional year of work lowers our risk of dementia by an additional 3.2%.” –Financial Post article, March 13, 2015


Retirement is a weird social experiment, a historical blip. Its collapse will be a triumph for common sense.


We are not meant to retire. There is nothing else in nature that retires. Plants and trees, animals and fish continue to grow…until they die.


Humans are the only ones, with their oversized brains, that have created this artificial state and goal of “taking it easy” when we get to a certain age.


We are not meant to “take it easy.” As we grow older, more knowledgeable and perhaps even wiser, we are meant to use the knowledge, the skill sets we have picked up and the wisdom to help others.


Instead, we as societies through our programming, have come to believe that older people are less useful. Nothing could be further from the truth.


The whole idea of retiring and taking it easy is an abdication of our responsibility as part of the human family. Consider instead that perhaps we were meant to continue to work harder and harder as we age and as we accumulate more experience and perhaps some wisdom.


At best, it is a shame to not share that experience and wisdom with others. At worst, perhaps it is a massive waste of energy and a wealth of wisdom that is being sidelined.


Yes, we face more challenges as we grow in years. Consider: is that nature’s way of encouraging us to work harder?


Look after your health, maintain your social contacts, continue contributing. You may find life is richer and ever more meaningful in the “Elder Years.”


Oh yes, and work hard. You will enjoy life more.




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