The Divided Mind: Source of Dis-ease. Mastery Newsletter October 14, 2017. Knowledge and Understanding Has Released Many Illnesses and Dis-eases.

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Knowledge of the Hidden Cause of:


Overweight, cancer, herniated disc, migraine headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome, backache, acid reflux, pinched nerves, scoliosis…


These a few of the conditions that Dr. John Sarno’s discovery has healed.


Note that I said his discovery has healed, not him.


Some have healed long-standing conditions just by reading one of his books.


Dr. Sarno’s work has uncovered the one cause of many dis-eases.


That one cause is…


The subconscious mind.


Specifically, the anger, rage, emotional pain and sadness hidden below the surface.


One of the keys to this is that the rage, pain and sadness is hidden away in what Freud called the “id.” That is the very basic survival part of us.


The id cares not for anything or anyone else, but itself.


It is the part of us that is responsible for survival. And it is focuses on that and that alone.


The other note is that it is hidden from us. Our conscious minds do not have access to it. We do not know its inner workings.


Our conscious mind, what we can call the “ego,” works at protecting us from the turmoil in the id.


The ego prevents the rage, pain and sadness from surfacing in order to protect us.


The ego creates pain in our bodies to distract us from the rage surfacing.


That, says Dr. Sarno, is where the dis-eases come from.


All those conditions be what they may: itchy skin, TMJ, tennis elbow, tight muscles, back pain and the whole host of ills we are prey to.


Dr. Sarno’s “prescription” is to understand the process.


The good doctor says none of us survive childhood without bumps, bruises and trauma.


We are trained to keep those traumas at bay. Not allowing them to surface.


They build up. Eventually they surface as “conditions” or dis-eases.


We then take action to put down the symptoms.


Surgery for herniated disc for example.


Dr. Sarno says the treatment is temporary. Many times he has seen another condition show up in the body following treatment of symptoms.


He has treated thousands successfully.


The basic idea is to get in touch with what caused the condition in the first place. By understanding the cause, it seems like a lightbulb goes on. Thousands have found their symptoms reduce dramatically and often disappear entirely.


Wikipedia entry:


Official site: (Dr. Sarno passed away in June of 2017 at the age of 93)


Latest book is The Divided Mind


You may find it in your local library. Worthy read.




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