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A strong vision of where you want to be can pull you along.


Create that vision. Do only what will keep you on the path toward it.


Eliminate those actions which will not, which are a distraction.


Forces beyond out understanding can come into play if we stay focused on the vision.



Is there an exception?


Is there another way? Is there a more powerful way to invoke the power of the universe to our benefit?


What about…there is a divine plan for my life. A plan I only have a partial view of?


What if my intuition is the keyhole I can look through to see that plan?


What if I just pay attention to “what wants to happen next?”


Here is an example. My friend and Laughter Yoga buddy Soren Russow lead a Laughter Yoga session. An attendee loved it so much, she kick started negotiations with the organizers of an upcoming conference. (The Hearts and Hands Conference in Vancouver and Victoria, BC, Canada)


Those discussions lead Soren and I to brand ourselves as “The Laughter Dudes.”


We made a proposal as the organizers requested. It was accepted. We held two extended Laughter Yoga sessions in both cities.


Scores of participants loved it and told us so.


The whole thing seems to have taken on a life of its own.


Note that Soren and I did not have a “vision” for making this happen.


It manifested seemingly on its own.


We were just doing what was presented to us…what was in front of our noses. Not really knowing how it would all unfold. We saw one step on the staircase. When we stepped on it, the next step appeared.


We were just following intuition at each step.


Lesson? Perhaps we can get too fixated on a “VISION” in capital letters. Too fixated on how we want the outcome to be.


Perhaps the outcome is meant to be far greater than our vision.


Perhaps paying attention to intuition can lead us to something greater than our conscious mind can conceive.


What are your thoughts on this?






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