“I’m Just Not a Morning Person.” Mastery Newsletter February 21, 2018

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And anyone can learn the habits.


Morning people are more productive.


Here’s the research:




You do want to be more productive, do you not?


First step:


Commit. Otherwise it is just a wish.

Are you really wiling to do what it takes? Most people who feel defeated by the alarm clock only “tried” to wake up earlier; they didn’t commit.



Get to bed earlier. We all need sleep. 7-8 hours seems to be the agreement from research.


Don’t “try” to go to bed earlier, just go to bed earlier. Don’t “try” to turn your devices off one hour before bed, just turn them off.



Stop Saying You’re Not a Morning Person

Watch how you talk to yourself and to others. If you’ve made it part of your identity you’ll have a harder time breaking free from your self-imposed limitations.


Say “I’m learning to become a person who makes the most of his/her mornings.”



Clarify your motivation and put it down in writing.


There is something powerful about putting pen to paper. Seize that power.



Give thanks when you wake up.


For all your blessings. “This is a great day. I have never seen this day before.”



Speak your power.


Say: I’m awake, I’m alive, I feel great!”


Keep saying it as you get going until you feel it in your bones.



Say Your Bedtime Affirmations


I say: “How is it so easy for me to have a restful sleep and wake up refreshed?”


Make up your own.


Drink a Cup of Warm Water


You can add some lemon to boost your digestion.



Prioritize your first hour


Create a routine around something you’ll be excited to do.


Brian Tracy attributes his success to having a reading period first thing.


Some meditate, do yoga or tai chi.


Create your own empowering morning routine.


Be Consistent!

The more you reinforce your morning habits, the more you’ll grow to love them. A key step to any habit is regularity, so try to keep it up, even on the weekends and while you travel.



If you don’t succeed, ever so gently, start again.


Habits may take time to instill. Be easy on yourself.



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