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We have grown stingy. To our detriment.


It seems we want something in return. Quid pro quo. You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours.


Is this based on the illusion that there is a lack of abundance in the world?


That there is only so much of anything to go around?


Only so much money, resources, love…


Therefore I must have a return on my expenditure.


What if?


What if the universe is absolutely abundant? What if there is no shortage of anything?


What if there is lots of money to go around? A host of resources available to us?


An infinity of love?


Would that change the way we operate? The way we view giving?


What if…the more we give, openly, freely, from the heart, the more the universe gives back to us?


I am finding this to be the case.


But not in the way I thought. I am learning how to give without any expectation of return.


And it doesn’t come back in the way I expected.


But I AM finding doors opening all the time.


Inspiration and solutions in business and personal life.


It seems like a bit of a trick…


The giving has to be without expectation.


How can I do that when I have, even if only subconsciously, SOME expectation of my life improving as a result.


Therein lies the rub.


Work in progress.


What is your experience of this?


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