What Daily Practices Make The Most Sense? Mastery Newsletter April 19, 2018

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Laughter, Smiling, Deep Breathing, Posture…


Meditation, Yoga, Tai Chi,







Exercise (Super Slow)






Good sleeps


Good friends!!!


Community connection


deepening connection — to God—others


shaking hands in place of hugging or as well as…


Masterminding with like minds


Service…contributing more and more


Giving…from the heart


Tithing…without expectation


Giving what I want to receive


Opening to receiving




Circle of Friends


Opening to healing


Loving myself


Allow love from everywhere


Support myself


Create 3 goals every week, commit to them, make them do-able and then make sure to do them…


Celebrate when done


Celebrate even small victories


Give thanks, 3 things daily


Read spiritual literature daily…even if only a small bit






Slow down, follow nature’s SOP (Standard Operating Procedure)…Never be in a hurry…everything gets done anyway.


Nurture intuition…follow it, trust it


Take chances


Say Yes immediately, if it feels good


Say No when it needs to be said


Know the difference (intuition)


Show respect


Be kind…always


Trauma release exercises


Get grounded often


Breathe the air from trees (forest bathing)


Early to bed


Rest when tired


Don’t promise what you can’t deliver


Respect and support elders


Question what is thought by others to be true


Assume nothing


Be ready to change your mind about everything


Deprogram yourself…easier said than done.


Expect toxins…toxic ideas, toxic environment…


Work on releasing toxins


Embrace uncertainty


Trust that life will continue to unfold as it should


Know that you have made it this far, that you have been a success in life…what makes you think you won’t continue to be successful?





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