Power Blocks to Unleash Your Productivity. Mastery Newsletter April 27, 2018

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Too many things to do…


Pulled this way and that…


Overwhelming TO DO list…


How can I wrestle this list to a manageable size?


Power Blocks to the rescue.


Research shows us that multi-tasking doesn’t work (google it J).


Worse, when we are pulled away from a task, it takes time to get the mind back on track.


Answering a phone call or an email will do it.


My Mastermind Group have been using this idea and all of us agree, it has made us much more productive.


It’s quite simple. And flexible.


Here’s how I do it.


9.00 comes and I dive into a project. (recently I have been getting ready to launch a new online service.)


No distraction is allowed to pull me out. No phone calls, no emails, NO FACEBOOK!!! Or any other “social media!”


I work for 45 minutes, precisely.


At 9.45, I stop, get up, get a glass of water or tea, possibly check my FACEBOOK, aargh…J


At 10.00 PRECISELY! I get back into the project for another 45 minutes.


I suppose one could use 30 minute blocks. 45 has worked well, although I have done 30 and sometimes 60 minutes.


It is important to get one’s face out of the project though.


In 3 hours, all of my Mastermind group report that we got so much more done.


It is simple. It is powerful. It addresses the human need for variety.


We just can’t stay totally focused for great lengths of time.


Unless of course we find ourselves IN THE FLOW…


But that is a topic for another time.


Let me know how it goes for you.


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