Expressing Yourself During Politically Correct Times. Mastery Newsletter July 1, 2018

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They want me to call them “they” instead of “him” or “her.”


My home country of Finland doesn’t have this issue.


Read online: 


There is only one, genderless pronoun for human.


(For the record, it is “han” with umlauts over the “a.”)


One of my Finnish friends had great difficulty adapting to English. He was always calling women “him.”


Was he ahead of his time? Being politically incorrect when the phrase was unknown? Hah!


The Global Warming/Climate Change issue is fascinating.


Over the years now, I have noticed those who think it is true that humans are causing the planet’s warming don’t like to be contradicted.


Any discussion soon deteriorates into a mess…name calling, casting aspersions, changing the topic and so on.


I sense an underlying tone of…








It appears it is now “politically incorrect” to think that it may be possible that humans are not causing “Climate Change.”


There is a sense of…”THE SCIENCE IS SETTLED DAMMIT!”


Like, don’t you know 97% of scientists agree on it.


That figure seems to surface a lot.


Guess what? If it was settled, why are 3% disagreeing?


Science isn’t a matter of consensus…


Science is not a popularity contest.


It follows the scientific method. If you are a scientist, you can’t disagree. Yet, we are told 3% do disagree…


How can this be?




Why did 10,000+ scientists sign a document saying “It ain’t so?”


At any rate, how does one express oneself in these times?


Hard to know actually…


The Thought Police are all around.


Climate Change advocates try to shut down discussion.


And They want to be called “they” and not him or her…


The Buddha said if you really understood life, you would throw your head back and laugh at the sky…


I’m with the Buddha…


Until they outlaw laughing…


I guess then I will have to revert to silent laughter and the Inner Smile…


Have fun today…



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