The Perfectionism Virus.  Mastery Newsletter September 1, 2018

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You and I, we cannot be perfect.


But oh do we strive for it at times, don’t we?


Don’t get me wrong. It is fantastic to work and play at becoming better humans. In all ways.


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It is when we insist on perfection from ourselves that we can create anxiety.


I had an example of this virus at work in myself recently when I went for a consultation with a naturopath.


(For the record, it was Dr. Neil McKinney. He is the author of NATUROPATHIC ONCOLOGY. AN ENCYCLODEPIC GUIDE FOR PATIENTS AND PHYSICIANS. I am fortunate to live in the same city as him. He has clients/patients all over the world. The most well known is Tommy Chong of Cheech and Chong fame. Dr. McKinney helped Tommy to heal from cancer.)


Dr. McKinney took a look at the list of 3 dozen supplements I take regularly.  He then directed me to a book that he thought would help my condition.




I intend to read it soon.


The good doctor very kindly pointed out one can get obsessed with all the right things.  And at the right times and in the right ways.


I now declare myself recovering from Orthorexia Nervosa.


I realize it is counterproductive to focus in too much detail all the many aspects of a healthful diet.


Instead, the good doctor pointed out I would not go far wrong if I steered toward The Mediterranean Diet.


A gentle lifting of the weight began. The weight of trying to get it just right, just so.


Instead, pointing myself in the right direction. But not demanding I be perfect about it.



I did not think I was infected with The Perfectionism Virus. It had to be pointed out to me by another. Especially another whom I respect for his body of work.


Sometimes it may take that.


Do you think you may have some aspect of perfectionism at work in your life?


What might it be?


What would happen if you allowed it to release?


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