Is Anger Ever Justified? Mastery Newsletter March 18, 2019

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We flew to Hawai’i on a Boeing 737 Max8.

Now the plane has been grounded because of two crashes.

We had to scramble a little to get redirected back home flying on a different plane.

From the media reports it appears there is a design flaw in the Max8.

CBS and CBC reports indicate the plane was rushed into production with a new computer system. The pilots were not advised of the major change.

Because of the change, the computer software was go stop the plane from taking off at too steep and angle at take-off. If it did so, it could stall and crash.

A lot of money was saved by not requiring pilots to be retrained.

The reports indicate this is what caused the two crashes that took so many lives.

I woke up at 2 in the morning angry that no one in Boeing or the FAA caught this potential problem. This put the lives of my wife and I in danger.

Was this anger justified?

There is an easy argument to say yes it was.

But at 2 in the morning what good was it doing me?

While I logically saw I would be better to let it go, my emotions ran rampant.

It took some doing to release it.

I am reminded of the American prophet Edgar Cayce. He forecast earthquakes, volcanos for much of the USA. When asked where should one live to avoid the coming destruction, his answer was profound.

In effect, don’t worry about it. If you are doing the right thing, you will be in the right place at the right time.

Divine guidance is available to us.

Using meditation techniques, we can get into a loving and blissful state. In that state, we are open to divine guidance to steer us in the right direction at all times.

Only when we slip from that state, do we not have divine guidance.

The work of staying in that blissful state is not necessarily easy.

But it is blissfully rewarding.

Your thoughts?

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