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There are many areas of our lives where many of us have given up responsibility. Given the responsibility to someone else.


Examples include the most important area: health.


Health is the most important simply because without it, we don’t have energy to do anything else or to enjoy life.


What good is money with out energy to use it to have fun?


What good are houses, cars or other toys if we don’t have health and a positive attitude to enjoy them with?


What good are our relationships if we don’t have the motivation to enjoy exchanging energy with our loved ones?


Health includes fitness but is not defined by it. You can be perfectly fit and perfectly unhealthy.


Witness Jim Fixx who wrote the book on running called RUNNING. He ran 20 miles day 7 days a week. He died of a heart attack at age 52. Perfectly fit and dead.


Fitness answer? Super Slow. The most efficient and effective exercise. 20 minutes once a week. All you need. Takes away any and all guilt and anxiety about not getting enough exercise.


Health? More complex. Keto/Paleo diets on one side. Medical Medium (MM) on the other.


Keto/Paleo means lots of fat, medium protein, very little carbs…stay away from fruits generally.


MM means lots of fruit. Aaargh. What to do?


Experiment. Try both if you like. At different times.


As in scientific experiments, try something. Notice the result. Make changes.


Try something else. Repeat.


Money. If you are behind the 8 ball, get help from a credit counsellor. But don’t rely only on them. Take responsibility.


For example, I once owed over $70,000 to Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). 4 Pillars counsellors and I decided to offer them $10,800. $180 a month for 60 months. CRA refused the offer.


4 Pillars said we have to offer more. I said no, let me write them a letter. I used the techniques I learned from FBI negotiator Chris Voss and crafted a letter. CRA rep accepted the $10,800.


4 Pillars lady said you are so lucky. That is the toughest guy we deal with at CRA and he accepted.


It was because of Chris Voss’s principles…not mine!




If you have money saved, go directly to William O’Neill’s book HOW TO MAKE MONEY IN STOCKS. The most effective investment system.


Best risk/reward ratio. Downside protection at 7-8%, upside potential double digits…at least.


Study. Then 20 minutes a day. Cut out 20 minutes of Netflix. You DO have the time.


Sales/negotiation skills. We use sales every day. We are ALL negotiators.


Most are not aware of this and stumble through life with a wrong idea about sales: the used car salesman. Ugh.


Chris Voss was the top FBI negotiator. Wherever there was an American taken hostage they flew him in. He and his team fine tuned the most elegant negotiation set of skills anywhere on the planet.


Yours for free: book is in the library. NEVER SPLIT THE DIFFERENCE.


Career and business success. Best way to develop skills: BOTH theory and practice.


To develop any skill, two things are needed. Most skip the first.


Let’s take public speaking as an example. Just get up and do it. Get over the fear by doing it over and over. That works, of course.


However, it also means we are learning by trial and error. And we don’t have enough time to make all the mistakes.


Instead, I suggest a better route is study theory AND practice.


My speaking “guru”’ is Andy Harrington. I saw him make over $750,000 income in one 90-minute talk. Do you suppose he has something to say about the structure of how to be a successful speaker? I’m in. How about you?


There are lots of good mentors for any skills you are looking to develop. You can find them.


Listen to your intuition. Choose one. Theory AND practice.


Relationships. Dan Buettner’s book THE BLUE ZONES talks about Okinawa where people live to past 90, past 100 in good health. How? One major ingredient is relationships.


The women get together for one hour every day. They talk, they kibitz, they laugh, they have fun.


Creating deep bonds with other humans is critical to supporting our life energy


5-6 friends is the ideal number, by the way…according to one researcher.


Clean Ups/Completions. You can’t feel good if you live in a mess. Clean things up.


David Allen has a system that works well. GETTING THINGS DONE. It’s in the library.


Essential, according to me. Because it is also a superb way to get organized. And we all need that to feel a sense of control in our lives.


Meditation/Reflection. Sharpening the Saw as Steven Covey said. (7 HABIT OF HIGHLY EFFECTIVE PEOPLE)


Have one day a week devoted to nothing. Have fun. Reflect on life. Recharge the batteries.


Daily meditation is ideal. It is actually really easy to get started. JOY ON DEMAND by Chade Meng Tan is a great primer.


Happiness? You still want that? OK then.




To summarize.


Health: experiment.  


Money: get control.


Career skills: Theory AND practice.


Relationships: deepen them with 5 or 6 folks.


Sales/negotiation skills: Chris Voss.


Organize/clean ups: David Allen.


Meditation: JOY ON DEMAND.


Happiness: THE ZEN OF JOY.


Tag you’re it. Over to you. Get going. One step at a time.


I’m here as a resource. 88matti@gmail.com .


To Your Joy, Energy and Health,



Matti Anttila


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