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Patch Adams has been a “clown doctor” for half a century.


He found that less than 3% of people have self-esteem.


Less than 5% knew what living a life of vitality is all about.


He found the normal adult did not like themselves, their marriage or their job.


He himself attempted suicide three times before the age of 18. He did not want to live in a world of violence and injustice.


He then realized you don’t have to kill yourself, you can make a revolution. And that’s what he did.


He decided to be happy every second of his life. That expanded to be happy, funny, loving, cooperative, creative and thoughtful.


Being loving was the most challenging. That’s why he took to clowning. It was the trick to get close to loving.  


In 1971 he created a free hospital. Twenty adults, 3 of them doctors lived communally in a 6-bedroom house. 500 to a thousand people in their home a month. 5 to 50 overnight guests.


They accepted no health insurance. Just provided everything free.


No one would fund them because they refused to get malpractice insurance.


They paid their doctors the same as the cleaning staff: $300 a month. All live in the hospital.


For these $3600 a year paid positions they get thousands applying every year.


Loneliness: A Great Travesty of Our Time


Adams says the nuclear family is a failed experiment.


For 80 million years we lived communally.


The nuclear family experiment has created an epidemic of loneliness.


He claims depression is not an illness…it is a symptom of loneliness.


The solution? Live communally.


Life is not hard, says Adams.


“If you are you…If you as a designer make you, make your personhood and then use that personhood as you decide, it’s going to be hard? I’m sorry, if you have food and a friend, what are you bitching about?”


His theme? Once you love yourself, what others say doesn’t matter. You’re looking for ways to spend your love.


My take away from his talk:


Love yourself. Every time you pass a mirror, look at you and say you love your self.


Dive into the ocean of gratitude and don’t look for the shore.


Connect with friends. Stay connected.


Be a clown. It’s the trick to getting close to love.


Help others. It is a key to fulfillment.


Be happy, funny, loving, cooperative, creative and thoughtful.


Here is Patch Adams talk in Holland:



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