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What we do first thing in the morning makes a huge, humongous difference to the rest of the day…


What we do can set the tone for the day…and for our lives.


I got caught, as many have, in checking emails, Facebook, news sites on the web first thing after waking up.


Sometimes a “rabbit hole” sucked me in too…


Recently I was guided to consider making a change.


And wow…what a difference in my day every time…


If you were to choose to give up checking emails, texts, social media, web news, radio news, TV news and all the rest, what would you replace it with?


It can feel a little empty. A craving can arise. After all, social media sites are designed to give you a dopamine hit…


So we would have to create a stronger dopamine hit and perhaps the other “feel-good” hormones as well: serotonin, endorphins, oxytocin.


Here is what I did. Perhaps this will give you some ideas as well.


Thanks to Gene (GF) for this first idea.


Immediately upon waking, I say five times out loud: “I’m awake. I’m alive. I feel great!”


Then roll out of bed…right away. (True confession: still working on getting this one down.)


Then the bathroom. Run the bath for my morning ice bath.


A few minutes of yoga asanas.


Wim Hof iceman breathing.


Then, after the ice has done its work for 5 minutes or more, get in the bath.


Hot shower, then cold again.


Morning meditation for 20 minutes at least.


Now, I have to tell you it has become easier to stay away from social media having done all this…


So I replace it with some writing. I am writing this, for example, right after my meditation.


You can choose to spend half an hour reading. Brian Tracy, the motivational speaker, attributes his success to spending an hour reading first thing in the morning.


Now you can add dopamine to your morning by having a “to do” list ready to go from the previous night.


Get to the most challenging thing, the most difficult thing first.


Checking that off your list gives a huge dopamine hit.


Now, for me, I wait until I feel hunger before I put anything in my mouth. You may be a morning coffee person. This is all individual choice and depends on what kind of diet you are on.


Some will have porridge. Others fruit. Still others may be doing the celery juice.


Note that I am writing before any breakfast.


And choosing to wait until real hunger pangs hit. Often that is quite a bit later in the morning.


I am working toward staying away from emails, social media and web stuff and news until noon.


Since starting this a short time ago, I can tell you…what a difference in energy level and positive outlook on life it has made.


If any of this sounds good, you may choose to conduct an experiment.


Try one thing first. Maybe a short meditation or a few yoga asanas. Push the social media etc. off just a few minutes at first.


Eventually you may feel enough benefit to easily and effortlessly leave all that stuff until noon.


Such a sense of empowerment. When we choose to create a morning that we want. And not be sucked into the many rabbit holes first thing.


Just some thoughts for your consideration.


Thanks for reading.


Let me know how it goes.

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