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“Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world.” -Lucille Ball


Easier said than done…for most of us.


Here is one way that is working for me.


This comes from a talk by Patch Adams. If you do not know his name, read here:


An amazing man who has accomplished and continues to accomplish so much in this life.


This is from a talk in Utrecht, Holland and the most poignant moment, the most teachable, learn-able moment comes near the end.


He is asked about it being hard to be optimistic, how does he keep up his optimism.


The answer: “…I’ve never done anything hard. I’ve never had any struggle…If you, as a designer, make you, make your personhood and then use that personhood as you decide, it’s going to be hard? I’m sorry. If you have food and a friend, what are you bitching about?”



He also spills the beans on how to love yourself:

“For the next week, every single time you pass by a mirror go ‘Oh Yeah. Me! Because once you love yourself, what anyone ever says about you doesn’t matter.”


We have four mirrors in our home. When I pass any one of them, I do this exercise.


What a difference it makes.


It continues to deepen my love for myself.


Listen, we are constantly bombarded with negativity. It seeps into our very fabric.


We need to get out of that muck. We need to counter it.


This one exercise is a delightfully powerful, wonderful antidote.


This exercise, more than anything I can remember for a long time, is opening me up to gratitude for all the wonderful things in life.


Why does it work?


Here is my guess: Because of “mirror neurons.”


When we see someone smile, that triggers the place inside us where smiles live.


When we see and hear someone laugh, we access the place inside where the good feeling associated with laughter lives.


When we smile at ourselves in the mirror, we access love and positivity.


This is how we can learn to deepen our love for ourselves.


This is how to make mirror neurons work for you.


See Patch Adams’ answer for yourself. It is at 19.00 minutes in this TED talk:


Let me know how it goes for you.


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