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“Our bodies contain countless healing chemical combinations modern science can’t even conceive of.” –Dr. Habib Sadeghi writing in THE CLARITY CLEANSE


The good doctor continues: “These chemical combinations can be as effective as drug or surgery, and most cases more so.”


So, the body own chemistry can be and often is more effective than drugs or surgery!


When patients get well on their own, without drugs or surgery, the medical folks have a phrase for it…spontaneous healing.


They have no other pigeonhole to stick it in. They say it just happened.


Here are examples.


Norman Cousins was diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis. A very painful form of arthritis.


Cousins decided to make lifestyle changes. He discovered by accident that laughing helped. So he asked a friend to provide him with comedy films.


He watched several episodes of a comedy called CANDID CAMERA daily.


The story is he laughed himself back to health. But he also made many other chances.


Intravenous Vitamin C was one. But his attitude was he was going to enjoy himself regardless and he was going to do anything that might help.


He got better and lived for many years after.


He used the power of his mind. He took action.


In his book ANATOMY OF AN ILLNESS he recalls meeting another person who suffered.


He visited Pablo Casals at his home arriving early in the morning.


Casals, the famous cellist, was racked with the pain of arthritis. And it was obvious.


Then Cousins witnessed what he considered a miracle. Casals began his morning ritual of practicing his cello for one hour.


After the hour, Casals got up and there was no indication of arthritis…none.


The rest of his day he was totally free of the crippling disease.


Dr. Bernie Siegel, author of LOVE, MEDICINE AND MIRACLES recounts the story of Arthur was given less than a year to live.


Dr. Siegel ran into Arthur in the grocery store five years later.


The good doctor asked Arthur what happened.


Arthur told him he had taken the advice Dr. Siegel had given him.


If you have only 6-12 months to live, make it the best 6-12 months of your life.


Arthur took that advice literally.


He quite the job he never liked.


Booked himself on the cruise he always wanted to take.


Took up piano, which he had always wanted to do.


After six months of this new life, he said he was feeling so good he didn’t have to die!


Five years later he was in great health and had never been sick since.


Are you seeing a common thread here?


What did Norman Cousins, Pablo Casals and Arthur have in common?


I’ll give you a few moments…

















Did you catch it?


They all decided to FEEL GOOD.


Cousins by laughing.


Casals by playing his beloved cello.


And Arthur by doing this he loved…things he had wanted to do all his life.


Is becoming healthier and even healing dis-eases possible just by feeling good?




Dr. Sadeghi’s experience is that our bodies have the Super Power to create chemical compounds to heal us.


Feeling good may be the key to unlocking those compounds to do their magic.


And what is the key to feeling good?


Taking lessons from our three examples:


Taking charge of your life. Making the decision to get better, to heal.


Laughter in the case of Cousins.


Playing music in the case of Casals.


Doing the things we have always wanted to do, in Arthur’s case. Not to mention deciding to make the next 6-12 months the best time of your life.


Life leaves clues.


These clues may be the ones to uncover your body’s healing powers.


Your “Super Powers.”


We may start by deciding to set aside time for something we really engoy.


A 5-10 minute soak in a bathtub.


A walk in the woods.


Joining a laughter club.


Reading a book you love.


Coffee or tea with a friend.


Beginning meditation.




Ping Pong.


Things that nourish us.


The challenge is how to get fleeting moments of feeling good to expand. Eventually to the place where we feel good almost all the time.

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