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Geologist Gregory Wrightstone is the author of:


Inconvenient Facts: The Science That Al Gore Doesn’t Want You to Know.

Some points he makes in a recent



Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is a miracle molecule. It is not a nasty thing we need to reduce.


“We don’t have too much CO2. We don’t have enough.”


We have 400 parts per million (PPM) currently. That is a gain of 130 PPM since the start of the industrial revolution.


However, when we look back we had 2,600 PPM. High CO2 levels is what allowed plants to flourish. The very plants we rely on for sustenance.


Since that time, we have dropped 2,000 PPM. And we are being told that an increase of 130 PPM is somehow a problem.


Wrightstone says CO2 is increasing and fossil fuels are contributing to it.


But, and it’s a big but, this is a good thing. We need more CO2. Warming is good. We don’t have too much. We are actually in a period of CO2 impoverishment. (!!!)


Wrightstone goes on to say the earth is greening. Air and water are getting cleaner. We are thriving and prospering.


We are being told that increasing temperatures are catastrophic. The opposite is true.


Warmer temperatures are contributing to the greening of the planet.


The current warming trend started in the late 17th Century after what was called the “little ice age.”


From 1250 to about 1850 a third of the world population perished because of this little ice age. So…not a good thing.


Each of the warming periods great civilizations rose up. The cold periods are what produced famines.


“The big untold story of the 21st Century and the late 20th Century is the greening of the earth.”


Two countries, India and China, have had a huge greening during the last 20 years.


Wrightstone says google it. Two words: “NASA and greening”


I did. Here is NASA’s report: https://earthobservatory.nasa.gov/images/144540/china-and-india-lead-the-way-in-greening


Both countries have had “…ambitious tree-planting programs that has led to more land area being covered in vengetation.”


Another point.


Fossil fuels lift people out of energy poverty.


There are 4 million deaths a year from lung disease from people cooking in their homes with wood an dried dung.


“People who are pushing green new deal and Paris Climate Accord…(will mean dooming) billions of people around the world to generational poverty.”


Fossil fuels provide “abundant, affordable, reliable energy and those three words are not associated with wind or solar.”


“Climate Change is the deliberate corruption of the scientific process.”


Case in point. The UN had a report that one million species will be going extinct over the next several decades.


Wrightstone says he looked at the same data the UN did and found that the rate of extinctions has been in decline since the late 1800s.


“You would have to have 25,000 to 30,000 species going extinct every year. You know what’s been the average over the last 40 years? Two. Two!”


“We care about the planet and we’re preserving those species. Just the opposite of what we’re told.”


Wrightstone’s conclusion. It’s just media spin.


The game is: They need to frighten the population to accept otherwise onerous and painful things like the Green New Deal and the Paris Climate Accord.


The interview is here, if you are ready: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SUtU1mGKCC8&feature=share&fbclid=IwAR0PHR60l2wadN8vbaAoNmzdSYLGRgwPQsXPkVTd3hD9zXgBPkc-8zbCjAY

P.S. “If the United States were to reduce 100% of its CO2 emissions, it would reduce the temperature by 7/100 of a degree Fahrenheit.”


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