Are You Keeping Your Inner Smile Going? Mastery Newsletter March 16, 2020

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The inner smile is where your joy lives.


It is where your power lives.


It is where your immune system gets juice from.


It is where your positivity lives.


It is where you keep unnecessary stress out of your life.


It is where you find balance in the midst of chaos.


It is where you find control of your life when the world wants to take away that control.


It is where you find perspective in the midst of distortion.


It is where you find motivation to move forward to your goals.


It is where you connect with the “universal energy,” the “quantum field,” the source of all possibilities.


It is where you can create your future the way you want.


It is where health lives.


It is how we learn to live in the NOW, the present moment.


It is where we release emotional attachment to past events that did not serve us.


It is where we free up energy to love ourselves, our family and friends.


It is where we start to reboot the world…that may sound like a tall order…


But it does appear as if the world is “rebooting” now.


What the world looks like after reboot will depend upon what each of us sends out to the world.


Never doubt how much positive influence you can have on the world…just by making internal changes.


When we live in joy, we broadcast that joy to the world.


That is what the world needs now.


How to access the inner smile?


My route was through laughter.


Specifically, Laughter Yoga.


10-15 minutes of laughter daily connects me to my inner smile.


It is a challenge of course to keep it going.


It is a challenge worth undertaking.


It is an antidote to fear and panic that is gripping the world now.


We can do this by plugging into laughter leaders on the web.


I have a laughter video that you can use to laugh with me daily.


“Find out How to Feel Authentic Joy, Even When Unhappy


Certified Laughter Yoga Master Trainer Robert Rivest has an abundance of laughter videos. Plug in, use them daily.


Also, the founder or Laughter Yoga, Dr. Madan Kataria, has many videos and resources.


Use these resources as often as you need to stay positive.


Your inner smile can flourish.


You can become a beacon of light in a dark time.


That is your challenge during this time.


Let me know about your journey.




To Your Joy, Energy and Health,



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