Is the Fight Against Corona Worse Than the Disease? Mastery Newsletter April 29, 2020

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The lockdown may cause more deaths than the virus ever could.


Poverty and hunger may kill more people than the infection. Perhaps even many, many times more people than the infection.


These thoughts come from Dr. David Katz who is a board certified specialist in Preventive Medicine/Public Health.


He says we are not preventing death. We are just moving the dates.


The entire “flattening the curve” initiative is just to prevent the hospitals being overwhelmed.


When we lift the restrictions from this lockdown, the disease will spike again, according to Dr. Katz.


He says the COVID-19 virus is bad enough. It is worse that we have incompetent leaders dealing with it.


In the US alone, there are now 35 million unemployed. The lockdown is destroying livelihoods and destroying lives.


A key point is that poverty is the single leading factor in poor health.


Poor people can’t afford to eat well and have other positive lifestyle habits.


Reports indicate child abuse is up, spousal abuse is up. Anxiety and depression are taking hold and suicides are spiking.


While Dr. Katz says the lockdown is extreme, he is also not a fan of the Swedish approach. He says that is a little too extreme at the other end.


Middle Ground Missing


Dr. Katz says we have not explored the middle ground.


One extreme is the lockdown:


“…From the start of all this, we have languished in the realm of the opposing, but comparably preposterous.


It is preposterous to say “everyone back in the water, including grandma and grandpa, and never mind the rip tides and sharks…”


That is what an indiscriminate campaign to “liberate” a state sounds like to me.


It is heartless, thoughtless, and callous.


But, so, too, is “hunker in a bunker on an indefinite timeline until there’s a vaccine or you die of something else, whichever comes first.”


So, too, is inattention to the possibility that poverty and hunger will kill many more people- perhaps even orders of magnitude more people- than infection….”


He says we don’t have a strategy in place for the next stage.


When we do lift the lockdown, the infections will peak again.


All we are doing is not preventing deaths, but moving the dates of those deaths.


What we need instead is what is called in the medical profession “total harm minimization.”


A middle ground taking all factors into account.


“We need grown ups in charge.” And we don’t have that, according to Dr. Katz.


We WANT to Get Infected!


Dr. Katz says we could achieve our crucial goals by protecting the elderly and other at risk in our population. And not shutting down the economy and throwing untold millions into poverty.


Again, poverty being the single leading indicator of poor health.


Dr. Katz puts COVID-19 into perspective by saying that 98 to 99% of those who contract it have little or no symptoms.


The problem? If you lock everyone away so they don’t get the virus, the problem shows up when you let everyone out.


You don’t prevent the deaths form the virus. You just change the dates.


Herd Immunity


Instead what we need, says Dr. Katz, is to let those who are not elderly or otherwise at risk to get the virus.


Herd immunity is when those who would have mild symptoms get it, get over it and make antibodies.


If I have antibodies, I can’t get it and I can’t give it to you.


When enough of us have had the virus, there enough dead ends for the virus. It can no longer travel from person to person and it dies out. That’s herd immunity.


Protect the at Risk Population. Let Everyone Else Get it.


Bill Maher interviewed Dr. Katz, video below. Maher made the point that we don’t want to get to the point where we believe we have to lock ourselves away from germs. Germs are everywhere. You can’t avoid them. We have to win the battle within our bodies, not outside.


What fortifies us against this and other viruses is lifestyle choices.


Don’t smoke. Eat well. Exercise. Get adequate sleep. And so on.


This is a tough sell because the results are long term and we are addicted to short term results.


The final word to Dr. Katz:


“…I will even go out on a limb and make this prediction: all-cause mortality for the remainder of the year after the COVID crest comes and goes will be lower than usual, because the disease is mostly accelerating death in those already most proximal to it…”





Dr. Katz on Fox News…


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Long version:




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