Air Pollution and Agricultural Toxicity is What’s Killing People, Not a Virus. Mastery Newsletter May 19, 2020

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The man who predicted COVID-19 says:


“We Are Tearing Apart What It Means to be Human.”


Dr. Zack Bush is “a renowned multi-disciplinary physician.”


An Internist, Endocrinologist and Hospice Care, Dr. Bush believes in the power and intelligence of Nature.


Here are some of the points from a recent interview about COVID-19.


He predicted that Wuhan would have an outbreak.


How was he able to do that?


Because it is not the virus.


It is a combination of severe air pollution combined with agricultural toxicity.


And Wuhan was where those two were the absolute worst in the entire world.


Wuhan is where humans put the most pressure on nature.


Air pollution is what kills people, not the virus.


Those who become ill need to be treated for hypoxy injury. People are dying not of the virus, but of cyanide poisoning.


Respirators are making it worse. People are dying on ventilators.


This is one of the milder epidemics compared to others.


SARS in 2002 had an 8-10% mortality rate. COVID-19 will be around 1-3%.

This is normal flu levels.


About the numbers we are hearing in the media:


“It is scientifically impossible to know how many are dying.”


To say we know anything about it is erroneous.


Those who are dying are doing so because they are in poor health and/or are on medications.


Flu vaccines, rather than being helpful, are increasing the risks. We need to be exposed to the flu to build antibodies.


We had viruses travel around the world well before air travel. Viruses can travel around the world with air flow.


This bug will be gone by next summer.


What is killing us is our mindset.


If you damn the virus, you are damning the structure of life itself.


Nature wants biodiversity and we are destroying that.


Stop being at war with viruses. We are part of the microbe world.


Humans have an innate drive to stay connected.


This lockdown has people dying alone without their loved ones.


We are tearing apart the very fabric of what it means to be human.


We are spiritual beings and because we forget and live in fear, we are missing the beauty of life. We are missing each others’ beauty.


We are letting each other die alone because of the fear of some genetic material.


We have the wrong story going…we are afraid of death.


Celebrate life. Stop fearing death.


We need to find love.


The fabric of life is beauty. Our reaction to that beauty is love.


Notice the beauty. See beauty everywhere.


“Life is freaking beautiful.”


Get the full story. Watch the interview.


It is worthy of your time.


Go here:–G_cjPEGWeT24dXkkLKUJUK3Cbi753nwH-ti2qrXN6mwnX8-mck


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