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That’s what Robert F. Kennedy Jr. says in this wide-ranging interview.


Some points from that interview. Link at the end.


“…RFK Jr says he is not anti-vaccine. He has been fighting against mercury in fish for 37 years yet no one calls him anti-fish.


72 shots of vaccines are mandated in the US. Yet none of them have been safety tested.


The reason is they call vaccines “biologics” not medicines. Medicines have to be safety tested but not biologics.


The vaccine makers went to congress and said that they could not make vaccines safely. For every $1 they made they were losing $20 in lawsuits.


They told congress they would stop making vaccines unless they were released from any liability.


In other words, if people were injured or died from the vaccine, you cannot sue the vaccine maker.


Now RFK Jr. says the vaccine makers make $60 billion a year from vaccines and $500 billion a year from the drugs that are prescribed to address the conditions caused by the vaccines.


They have no testing…that saves $100 million minimum. And they have no liability.


RFK had 3 vaccines as a child. Now children get 72 shots of vaccines.


This law changed in 1986.


By 1989 we started seeing an epidemic of chronic childhood diseases.


Autism in RFK Jr’s generation is 1 in ten thousand. Now we have 1 in 34 kids with autism.


Food allergies went from 1 in 1200 to about 1 in 12 today.


It all started in 1989. That is the year they changed the vaccine schedule.


Also, the auto immune diseases…rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, juvenile diabetes.

420 diseases suddenly became epidemic in 1989.


All 420 diseases are on the vaccine manufacturers’ list of conditions caused by the vaccines. 


The reason they put them on the inserts is because the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) believes there is a high likelihood that the vaccine causes those diseases.



The only way the vaccine makers can be sued is if they knew the condition was caused by the vaccine and they did not list it.


They tell you in every other context it doesn’t happen, there’s no connection.


In the one context where they have to be honest, they are disclosing that.


The FDA and World Health Organization (WHO) get over 50% of they budget from pharmaceutical companies. FDA and NIH both have vaccine patents.


Congress has “been bought off.” Pharma lobby is the biggest lobby.


Pharma controls content on network news. Highest concentration of ads on network news is from Pharma companies.


Network news is not allowed to show any negative side effects of vaccines.


Now RFK Jr. is not allowed to print an editorial nor appear on TV.


He says they are working to discredit him putting him in a category of dangerous thoughts and people have to be protected from dangerous thoughts.


Every one of the companies making the  vaccines on the mandated schedule is a convicted felon. Merck, Pfizer, Sanofi, Glaxo.

They have all been sued successfully.


Over the past four years, those companies have paid over $35 million in criminal and civil penalties…


“…really sophisticated criminal activities at a very high level…for killing hundreds of thousands of Americans…


Merck killed between 120,000 and 500,000 Americans deliberately…knowingly.”


“…vaccinated kids are dying at a rate that is ten times higher than unvaccinated kids…”


Bill Gates is giving mercury vaccines to kids in Africa when the US has banned them because it is now that they cause brain damage.


About Dr. Fauci, RFK Jr. says Dr. Fauci was responsible for many deaths knowingly by delaying and eventually squashing publication of research that would have led to cures for HIV.


There is still a virus in vaccines that causes chronic fatigue syndrome and cancer.


The flu vaccine in less than 1% effective…according to the Chochrane Collaboration.


The chances of any COVID vaccine being effective are very, very slim.

COVID is much more complex than flu and mutates much faster than flu.


Kennedy says they have Fauci on tape saying you really have to be careful with a corona virus vaccine because you can actually make people sicker.


Study after study shows if you take the flu vaccine you are more likely to get a non flu infection. More likely to get a non target flu as well.


A Pentagon study from this year shows if you take the flu vaccine you are 36 times more likely to get a corona virus infection.


The CDC has published report of extensive studies showing that vaccines had almost nothing to do with the elimination of diseases in the first half of the 20th Century, despite the mythology.


What caused the reduction in disease is nutrition, sanitation and hygiene. –CDC conclusion.


“…show me a study that shows that vaccinated kids are healthier than unvaccinated kids.”


No one has done that study, even though Kennedy says it would be easy to do.


The CDC did do a study. They looked at kids who had the Hepatitis B vaccine in the first 30 days of life.


They found that the kids who were vaccinated had an 135% higher chance of being diagnosed with autism in 5 years than the kids who did not.


They had a secret meeting and conspired to keep the information from the American public.


They have successfully kept that information secret for 20 years now.


Kennedy said someone kept a transcript of that meeting and that is why he knows.


Re 5G: It is a system of data harvesting.


They are building a dystopian nightmare where they will know everything about us.


The Lockdown: For every 1% unemployment you get 37,000 deaths…this is back in 1982, so it’s probably 50,000 now.


They are projecting 35% unemployment.


Multiply 30 by 37 and you 1.1 million people are going to die. They die from heart attacks, from stress.


For every 1 point 3500 people will go to prison. 4,000 will go to mental institutions.


There’s really a concerted effort to terrorize us into being sheep so we give up out rights.



The Takeaways:


Vaccines are not tested for either efficacy no dangerous side effects.


Vaccine makers have no liability. They can not be sued for injuries or death.


Therefore, they have no motivation to make them safe or effective.


The mandated vaccine schedule was changed in 1989. In that year chronic childhood diseases exploded.


420 diseases suddenly became epidemic in 1989.


Vaccine makers claim there is no connection.


Except on the vaccine inserts. There they have to be honest.


All 420 diseases are listed as effects on the vaccines on the vaccine inserts.


Why? Because the FDA says those 420 diseases are likely effects of the vaccines.


AND the vaccine makers can be sued if they don’t disclose that information.


It is the only place where they are honest…”


The link may or may not work…depending…



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