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Some of the points in this article:


Caffeine damages the brain,


Makes you overweight, sick and dumb,


Inhibits the higher thought centres of the brain,


Destroys human potential,


Causes many health issues, (partial list in the story),


Increases cancer growth, and…


“…there’s absolutely no scientific evidence what so ever that coffee provides any health benefits to the human body, on any level, in anyway….”


This article from health researcher Jason Christoff.



“14 Little Known Facts About Coffee


The easiest way to control a population is to poison it. Poisoning makes people weak and needy.


Weak and needy people literally beg to be ruled. You can’t farm lions, only lambs.


Narcotics work best at building addiction, providing escapism and destroying strength in the body. As an invading force, this is optimal.


This is why every great nation that has spread across the earth used to have laws that made narcotics illegal.


Inversely this is why our bought and paid for leaders either smuggle the drugs into our society…because our leaders don’t work for us.


In order to rule over any people, the narcotics must flow fast and furious, in order to destroy the resistance potential in the public.


Coffee is one such narcotic, more aptly caffeine.


In order to maintain rule over a weakened and addicted population, you must make the slaves become obsessed with the narcotics first and foremost, as opposed to what the culture needs to do in order to maintain itself…..which is to stay clean and healthy plus produce healthy, strong and vibrant offspring who can maintain the tribe’s strength and numbers.


You must make as many people as addicted as possible, so the only focus the culture has is getting high, as opposed to maintaining its sovereignty and strength.


You must market the slave’s poisoning of themselves as normal and all part of the immense freedom they have down in the slave camp.


There are such groups documented throughout history who do take over cultures (and destroy them) with narcotics and many other fake freedoms that weaken the herd, both physically and spiritually.


The EU and North America are now about to fall to this covert group and coffee has plenty to do with this stealth attack, as do all the other health and strength destroying chemicals/narcotics that are smuggled into our society.


These health destroying compounds are brought into our society purposely, in order to bring about its downfall and our subjugation to an enemy most know nothing about.


  1. Caffeine is an alkaloid that the coffee plant uses to kill bugs, which eat its’ seeds.

The coffee plant also uses caffeine in the coffee pods to kill surrounding plants, so the coffee plant can attain more sunlight and grow larger.


Caffeine is a pesticide, which causes genetic termination in living cells that come into contact with it.


  1. MRI images taken before and after 1 cup of coffee showed a decrease in blood flow to the brain by 45%.


  1. Brain imaging studies of chronic coffee drinkers showed they presented the same degradation of their brains as chronic alcoholics, cigarette smokers, Parkinson’s patients and marijuana users.



  1. Coffee can cause an urge to move ones’ bowels because this is one way the body tries to eliminate poison from the system.


  1. Coffee increases energy via the human fight or flight metabolic response, because the body is afraid of the caffeine based poison.


Coffee doesn’t give energy, it removes it from the body.


The energy a person feels when they drink coffee is the body going into overdrive because caffeine is a poison and all poisons activate an energy release in the body. (fight or flight) Coffee removes energy from the system.


  1. When the fight or flight response is triggered in the body, the lower IQ centers of the brain are activated as well as hormonal systems in control of aggression, violence, irrational and illogical decision making, jealousy, rage, anger, fear and paranoia.


  1. When measured, 1 coffee activated the fight and flight response for 3 consecutive weeks, even though no other caffeine was consumed after that 1 cup of coffee.


This means the most primal/low IQ centers of the brain (the limbic system) are activated for 3 weeks after consuming one cup of coffee, even if no other caffeine is consumed in that 3 week period.


Making decisions through the limbic center of the brain (our caveman portion) is also proven to lead to chaotic life situations because of the low mental processing capabilities that area of the mind is famous for.


  1. When coffee (caffeine) is consumed, the limbic part of the brain is hyper activated and the higher learning centers of the mind inhibited.


The limbic part of the brain is only concerned with sex, reproduction, protection of territory, food acquisition and personal safety.


The limbic portion of the brain is the most primitive and least developed portion of the mind complex.


When you want to out smart or dominate another person, it’s best that their limbic system is activated, because it brings them to a mental state equal to that of a child.


  1. The birth control pill inhibits clearing of ingested caffeine.


This effect is increased dramatically by alcohol or pain killer use, therefore causing many cases of caffeine poisoning, which get treated as other things once the person reaches the hospital.


  1. Coffee is proven to cause an enlarged prostate, high anxiety, insomnia, depression, birth defects, pain syndromes, unnatural breathing patterns, brain damage, hyperactivity, learning disorders (from the brain damage) behavior disorders, fatigue, certain types of cancer, Crohns, IBS, colitis, heart disease, headaches, PMS, increased incidence of muscle and tendon injury, joint pain, carpel tunnel…and that’s a short list.


  1. Coffee causes fat gain and cellulite because by triggering the body’s flight or fight system (which any poison or threat does), eventually changes the body’s primary fuel source requirement to one of fat.


When the body is threatened, it prefers fat as its’ primary fuel source, over sugar or protein.


Constant activation of the body’s fight or flight system (via the daily ingestion of caffeine poison) aids in a metabolic shift to fat storage and fat conservation, because again the body prefers fat as a fuel source when fighting any toxic intruder…because fat contains 9 calories per gram for the fight, as opposed to 4 calories per gram housed by sugar and protein.


Welcome to the land of coffee (caffeine) induced fat gain, weight gain and cellulite.


  1. Coffee (caffeine) blocks iron absorption, causing the vast majority of anemia today. \


The entire threat of caffeine in general includes caffeine teas, chocolates, caffeine based energy drinks, caffeine based pre work out drinks and over 2000 over the counter and prescription medications that PURPOSELY include caffeine.


Medical doctors aren’t generally aware of the symptoms of caffeine poisoning and also only get paid when you’re sick, so keeping you on the coffee/caffeine train makes your return visits a guarantee.


  1. Here we have an article explaining clearly why caffeine destroys human potential within the brain, leading lower life performance and achievement on all levels.


This is an agenda explained below.


Hot chocolate, caffeine laced energy drinks, chocolate and pop of course are gate way caffeine drugs for children…. toward their future coffee addictions as adults.


When I moved to my town, there were 2 coffee shops. One in the east end, one in the west. Now there are over 20 and the population has not changed at all. There’s a reason for this.


  1. An investigation conducted by the author of the most extensive book on coffee ever written, reviewed almost every scientific research piece regarding coffee and his conclusion was that there’s absolutely no scientific evidence what so ever that coffee provides any health benefits to the human body, on any level, in anyway.


He openly declares that any positive promotion of coffee consumption is a blatant lie, doing grave harm to our entire society.


The publication of any positive effects of coffee are false and all can be traced back to a very powerful, covert and secret “coffee lobby”, which has both commercial and ruling family origins.


The author reviews the research in the book at this added link.


How many coffee shops have opened in your town in the last 20 years?


  1. A new investigation of coffee shows that it increases cancer growth and spread dramatically…… here to read more.


So why the lying about coffee?


Think of government and how governing a brain damaged population is easier than governing a healthy population.


Start there and keep connecting the dots.


This documentary explains more.


Coffee is only one brain damaging weapon used against an uninformed slave class.


The 10 most popular brain damaging weapons used against the slave class (in order of use) are 1) vaccines 2) coffee and caffeine products 3) alcohol 4) medical drugs 5) sugar/wheat/cow’s milk 6) fluoride 7) cigarettes 8) processed junk foods and genetically modified foods 9) EMF radiation from wireless devices and 10) chemtrails.


If you’ve ever posed the question,


“why are people so stunned, as to not connect the dots or realize the depth of their own ignorance?”…


you’re missing the point that the brain damage of the slave class is the primary agenda of the ruling 1%.


Dr. Russell Blaylock expands on this point here at this added link.



Coffee and vaccines are the elite’s 1-2 punch within “operation brain damage” down here on the human farm.



Coffee and caffeine products not only prime people to be overweight, sick and dumb……


they destroy the part of the brain that could warn the person that they’re becoming overweight, sick and dumb.


This is how science is used against the slave.


The best slave is a brain damaged slave, unable to think or care for themselves without the help of slave master.


A helpless population guarantees a need for government.


This is why the ruling families do everything in their power to create a helpless population, day in and day out.


Governments exist because they perpetually create the conditions for their own existence.


Ancient ruling families, who masquerade as modern altruistic governments, are not there to help the people progress, evolve or become more.


You live on a chemically controlled slave based control grid.


Coffee is just another poison that helps manufacture the low IQ and permanent ill health needed to maintain this control grid.


Want to shut the human farm down and put slave master out of business?


Reject the poisons.”


Click here to view an entire book, which reviews these effects of coffee and much more.



10 reasons to quit caffeine video in this link to the original story…





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