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From financial newsletter writer Jeff Brown:

“Dear Reader,

A headline caught my eye late on Friday evening: “Key coronavirus forecast predicts over 410,000 total U.S. deaths by Jan. 1: ‘The worst is yet to come.’”

Oh my! The pandering of fear and panic continues…

Even when I know something is false, I still like to see what the assumptions are and where the numbers are coming from.

In this case, the projection came from the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME), a part of the University of Washington.

If we just use some common sense, we can figure out pretty quickly that the projection doesn’t add up:

  • The first officially documented case of COVID-19 in the U.S. was back in January of this year.
  • To date, 193,587 deaths are considered related to COVID-19.
  • Since January, that is an eight-month period.
  • We can clearly see that daily new cases are falling quickly in the U.S.
  • As per the CDC, only 6% of the 193,587 claimed deaths were from just COVID-19 (all other deaths had two or three other underlying conditions responsible).
  • And as much as 90% of all “positive” PCR tests are false positives caused by an overly sensitive cycle setting on the PCR machines.

But despite all this, we are to believe that in less than four months, the COVID-19 death count will more than double? No way.

This made me very suspicious of the IHME projections. So I chose a baseline country that we could analyze… Sweden.

As we know from The Bleeding Edge, Sweden’s unique, courageous, and logical approach to dealing with COVID-19 has produced incredible results. It is highly likely that Sweden has already reached herd immunity.

As we can see below, in less than four months, Sweden went from the outset of the pandemic to near zero daily deaths. Since the beginning of July, daily deaths were typically less than 10, and since the beginning of August, many days have seen less than five deaths or even zero.

What’s remarkable about Sweden is that the country accomplished this without economic lockdowns, without mandating masks, and without closing schools. No fear, no panic, no riots, and no mask requirements.

That’s why I wanted to see what the IHME is predicting for Sweden. Let’s have a look:


The line on the left side of the graph represents daily deaths. And then we can see two projections into the future.

The green line that continues until January 1 at near zero daily deaths assumes that everyone suddenly begins to wear masks. The red line that projects a massive spike to 700 deaths per day – seven times higher than Sweden’s April peak – assumes the Swedes don’t all wear masks.

Does that make any sense at all? Of course not. It’s lunacy.

Sweden managed a controlled spread of COVID-19 to the low-risk parts of its population – without requiring masks. But we are now somehow supposed to believe that if the Swedes don’t wear masks, the next four months will become seven times worse than the last eight months?

You’ve got to be kidding me. Absolute nonsense.

Why is this happening? Why are our academic institutions and scientific communities failing us when we need them the most?

Sadly… money. COVID-19 is the hottest topic right now, and by adding fuel to the fire to make the “crisis” appear bigger than it actually is, more funding ends up being driven to academic and scientific research.

Scientists who wrote and spoke about the facts related to COVID-19 have been excoriated by the academic and scientific communities. Their careers have been badly damaged for not “toeing the line” or “playing along.”

Michael Levitt, a biophysicist and expert in structural biology at Stanford, and John Ioannidis, another Stanford professor who is an expert in evidence-based medicine and epidemiology, are two perfect examples.

I have tremendous respect for their willingness to simply tell the truth and share the facts about COVID-19… even if it comes at personal expense.

Sweden too was severely criticized by the scientific community for its approach to managing COVID-19. But in the end, Sweden will be proven right. Sweden will have the last laugh.

And so will we… because we know that the “game” is nearly up.

And please make sure to check in tomorrow in The Bleeding Edge. I promise to spill some ink on the “breather” that we are experiencing in the stock markets that started on Thursday last week.”

Jeff’s site: https://www.brownstoneresearch.com/products/the-bleeding-edge/



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