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“Time to Tell Everyone

“We the Australian Aboriginals have been on our traditional land, the Land of the Everlasting Spirit, for tens of thousands of years, Out culture is rivaled by no other, though we have been in seclusion for the last two hundred years. We re emerging from that seclusion now to show ourselves as no one has every seen us. Our creation stories take us back into the Dreamtime, beginning when the Earth was one land mass. At that time the four races – red, yellow, black, and white – lived side by side. There we lived as one people, creating a world of harmony, balance and mystery.

As Aboriginals we have kept our culture intact for thousands of years into the present time. Now we are becoming ready to share our wondrous culture with the other people of the world. That is my work through my teaching and my films.”

What a lot of people tend to forget is that my country has only been occupied for two hundred years by the British. It only took white people fifty years to destroy a million years of our culture, but the core of it still remains strong. We haven’t forgotten. Our elders are telling us to go out and tell everyone so that no one cans say they didn’t hear.

Land of the Everlasting Spirit

Whenever our elders or shaman people – all our elders are shaman people- talk about our history and our beginning, our creation, they always talk about the time when the Earth was one land mass. They speak of time before the cataclysm came that split the Earth up into the continents.

This is our story, our mythology. Our land, Australia is called Arunta, the Land of the Everlasting Spirit. Our old people tell us that we originally came from a planet that had seen its time and just blew up.

See our people were like refugees and they went and lived in the stars in the Milky Was. Then seven spirit brothers and seven spirit sisters came to Earth. They came when the Earth was one big land mass.

They came to erect an energy grid. Because, you see, the planet Earth is among the smallest of planets. And it is really not in the galactic system where all the other planets exist. We believe Earth is just a little bit outside the plane of the Milky Way galaxy in space. Because the Earth is so small, when the planets line up in a certain way the pull of the galactic energy is so strong that it could just suck planet Earth into the spiral plane of the galactic system and toss it all around.

So, my people were given the knowledge to create this energy grid because the planet that they were previously on did not have such a protective structure and it was destroyed. They realized that their new home, Earth, needed to have such an energy grid in strong healthy condition to withstand the periodic energy pulsations from the galaxy. Otherwise, it would quickly be drawn into the plane of the galaxy and experience devastating turbulence.

But my ancestors had learned this lesson, and so they came to Earth to erect an energy grid, or an Earth truss, to help the Earth when it undergoes its changes. My ancestors’ responsibility, and my people’s responsibility still, is to the energy grid.

The Sacred Rainbow Serpent

In our old way we call the energy grid Boamie, the sacred Rainbow Serpent, whose colors reflect the beauty of the Earth and sky, the rainbow. The multicolored coils of the Rainbow Serpent are reflected in the precious stones that are concealed in the Earth’s crust.

It’s called the Rainbow Serpent because it’s got all the colors of the rainbow: gold and sliver, of course, and the diamonds, the rubies, the emeralds, and the uranium. You see, it’s the foundation, the Earth’s crust. They are the particular substances that keep the energy grid strong and the Earth solid when the planets line up every so often and threaten to draw the Earth into the galactic energy swirl.

Since my people erected the energy grid, the Earth just sort of sails through the periodic planetary lineups without any difficulties. So that’s my people’s responsibility. Both men and women are very knowledgeable in how the energy grid works, the whole system. We know what each mineral in the Earth is supposed to do, and what men’s and women’s responsibilities are to keep the grid strong and healthy.

The Balance is in Jeopardy

We are very concerned about the energy grids of the Earth. They are there to help the Earth maintain balance. Crystals and other minerals feed energy to the energy grid. They have been used for millions of years that way. For the health of the Earth, the crystals must be free to let energy flow to the grid.

But now minerals, metals and jewels have been removed from the Earth to such an extent that the balance is in jeopardy. Uranium, in particular, is important for this task. When it is all gone, the Earth will be right out of balance.

This mining has an influence on the human race, too, and the human body. The human being is a link between the heavens and the Earth. By keeping our bodies in balance and harmony, we can keep the Earth healthy, and that in turn supports our health. You see, it’s a cycle. I use crystals in healing, but I do not believe they should be taken from the Earth to be used as ornaments. It’s more valuable to lave them in the Earth. The same with uranium.

At a Crucial Juncture

We have been told that within every one million years, there is a seven thousand year long Earth shift. Then we begin to go into a new world, like we are doing now. By our reckoning, we are actually at the end of a seven thousand year shift now, and we are beginning to enter a new million year-long epoch.

Our people and our teachings are very similar to the teachings of the North American Indian people. But we have different interpretations and we know our responsibility: taking care of the Earth through the energy grids. It’s very similar to what the Native Americans teach about, We so that by giving thanks to the Earth through the songs, dances and ceremonies.

Right now there’s two things. The earth is undergoing its Earth changes, which is normal for this time in our development. But because there’s been so much destruction to the energy grid, especially the gold, which is nearly exhausted already-and now they are after the uranium – there is great danger to the stability of the Earth.

Gold has driven men mad for thousands of years, leading then to lie, steal, cheat, murder, and make war…all this wickedness to get the gold. Humanity has become greedy and as a result, wicked. That has led to fighting, war, and disease. People have forgotten their responsibility to the Earth, for want of the gold. And now it’s the uranium.

As a consequence of all this mining, there’s not enough of the Rainbow Serpent left to help the Earth undergo its seven thousand year shift in a safe way. It’s all topsy-turvey. Without the balance of the minerals and a healthy energy grid, we cannot pass through the current planetary alignments, and we may be drawn into the plane of the galaxy.

As well as the Earth, humanity has to go though its changes . We’ve all got to rejuvenate and to create a new world on this same physical substance. And we are going thorough it. There’s no safe place on Earth, We’ve just got to ride it out, but if we are in balance within ourselves, and in balance with the Earth, then we are healthy.

At the end of each change- every time we come into a new world- the Great Creator says, “OK humanity, you must start your change now, too, and go into the new world. But you must do it in accordance with the Earth, as well as yourself, with heart.

The Story of Wollmbin

If you go back in time when the Earth split up from one land mass into the continents, it was another time of Earth changes. Humanity was wicked in those days, too, Even your own books in Western civilization speak of Noah and the ark and how there was wickedness on the Earth.

Native American people say they rode the changes out on the back of a turtle – a land mass like a turtle, Tuttle Island. My people rode the flood out by climbing upon a big red rock called Uluru – now usually called Ayer’s Rock. Uluru simply means ‘the big rock’. Uluru is seven miles around and one mile up.

Our people teach that when the Earth was one big land mass, Wollombin was one of four big mountains that housed huge crystals. They are the activators for the crystal grid and for the energy grid that protects the Earth, Perhaps the Himalayas might have one and perhaps the Andes in South America might have one. I don’t know for sure, but I know Wollombin is one, the one in the East. We are east of the rest of the world in our tradition, but I don’t know what the other mountains are.

When the Earth split, people were running in confusion, and some of my people stayed on other continents – though they are all extinct now. And some other nationalities stayed Down Under, but now they are extinct now too. But as our old people recall, when the people ran, a White buffalo ran with them in Australia.

(According to Aboriginal legend, at the time the Earth broke up and the White buffalo ran with the people, a sacred mountain that was under care of the North American Indian people also broke off and came with them. Instead of remaining with the North American continent of the Red Race, it stayed on the east coast of what is known today as Australia, the Land of the Everlasting Sprit.)

That mountain is Wollombin, or Mount Warning, and it is the mountain of which Aunt Millie Boyd is custodian. See the story of that mountain has been handed down for thousands of years, through the generations. At the time that mountain split off with the Australian continent, there was a very big powerful shaman or medicine man of the Indian people who stayed on that mountain. Wollombin, you see means “eagle”. The spirit is still there, his name is Waugatha.

That mountain is my Aunt’s country. She’s they last custodian of it, though now that it has been handed back into the care of the North American people. You see, I came here to America in 1988 to look and see if there was any memory among the Indian people of their lost mountain. And there was someone here, a medicine man, who remembered. I found him. Ever since, there have been Indian people who have come to visit the mountain and who have met with Aunt Millie to hear about and learn about Wollombin and Waugatha. See, there’s the connection between Australia and North America – between the Aborigines and the Native Americans. It has something to do with the Native American relationship to the sun and the sun Dance.”





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