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A letter from a doctor of 40 years to the Medical Health Officer of British Columbia, Canada.


“…evidence clearly shows that the “pandemic” is over and no second wave will follow. The evidence has been available for at least 4-5 months and is irrefutable…

Sweden took an entirely different approach and, as of mid-September, their infection rate reached an all-time low and Covid-19 related deaths were at zero;

 22 of 31 European countries, most of which enacted strict lockdowns, had higher infection rates.

Sweden has also largely escaped the financial ruin and catastrophic mental health problems experienced in other countries, including Canada and the U.S.A. …

“this COVID virus is much like the seasonal flu”. A group of over 400 Belgian doctors have stated “COVID is not a killer virus, but a treatable condition”. …

there appears to be no scientific or medical evidence for5–6

1. Self-isolation of asymptomatic people

2. social distancing

3. facemasks

4. arbitrary closure of businesses

5. closure of schools, daycares, park amenities, and playgrounds

6. the discontinuance of access to education, medical, dental, chiropractic, naturopathic, hearing, dietary, therapeutic, and other support for the physically and mentally disabled, particularly special needs children with neurological disorders

7. the closing down of or restrictions on religious places of worship.

According to the CDC Pandemic Severity Index, none of these measures have been warranted.

The Great Barrington Declaration, signed by more than 30,000 health scientists and medical doctors from around the world, adds support for this statement…

Why are you still using PCR testing?

The Deputy Chief Medical Officer for Health in Ontario has publicly stated that the PCR test yields over 50% false positives.

A New York Times investigative report found that PCR testing yields up to 90% false positives due to excessive amplification beyond the recommendations of the manufacturer…

hospitalizations, ICU admissions, and deaths from COVID-19 have dropped to pre-pandemic levels. Where are all the patients?

Why not simply tell the public that

· the PCR testing is not reliable and is meaningless for diagnosing COVID-19

· positive PCR test results do not represent sick patients,

· rarely are people now becoming ill from SARS-CoV-2,

· provincial hospitals are essentially empty of COVID-19 patients,

· decisions should not be based on “cases” in the news,

· the morbidity/mortality of COVID-19 has not exceeded seasonal influenza,

· the median age of death from COVID-19 in Canada was 85 years,

· the pandemic is over, and

· no second wave is coming?

provincial measures have been shown to create 12:1 more deaths than the virus;

there has been a 40% increase in heart attack deaths in Canada from fear, anxiety and cancelled hospital procedures;

suicide and drug overdose deaths have increased and outnumber COVID-19 deaths by a ratio of 3:1;

suicides have doubled in BC since April;

and anxiety and depression, food insecurity, domestic violence, and child abuse have skyrocketed….

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