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Terry Willard is one of the top herbalists in North America. I respect his opinion. Full disclosure, we are friends and I am a student of his dating back to the 70s. Perhaps some bias. -Matti


This is his take on the current situation:


 “Terry Willard:

I have purposely sat back and not made additional comments until others had time to refer to this material. Having known Donnie Yance for many years and watched his research, I always pay attention to it. 


Although I can’t say I unthinkingly agree with everything in his posts, he approaches the material with a level head and solid research.


 A great place to start any debate without falling into emotional or political discussion only.


That being said, I will not be getting the vaccination on the first go around. 


There are many reasons for this, but the main two are that traditionally flu vaccines are only 17% effective on people over 65 and I for sure am that. 


Number 2 is that my family line has had some dramatic allergic reactions to many vaccines. 


But I do believe that each person should have the right to make their own decision for themselves and their family. To do this we need well balances information like this – not marketing.


I feel quite confident in the protocol I have got for myself for this virus, even though I am pretty sure I already had it, being in China during the time when it was really starting to be noticed.


I got very sick and so did others in my immediate family.


I find this article is great to give people who want to make a decision though. It is even headed, looking at both sides. 


It takes you out of the direct line of fire for people asking you and give the responsibility back to the person that is asking the question. 


I personally don’t like wearing masks, but I wouldn’t go out these days without wearing one. It is just basic logic. So, I will be relying on masking, social distancing and standing by my health protocol for the duration of this virus’s activity. 


Yes, this too will pass. They always seem to burn out in 6 – 24 months. 


It appears this one has been active for about 12-18 months so far, so we are most likely past the half way mark. No going South this winter, maybe next.” -Terry Willard



This is the link to the research article:




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