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You have heard of the “war on terror?”


Of course, you cannot win by fighting terror.


Love is the solution.


Right now, many are being terrorized.


Fear is in the air so thick you can feel it.


Some fear a virus.


Others fear loss of freedoms and what it means for the world in the long term.


I fall into the second camp.


Either way, it is fear.


What is the solution to fear?




My path: learning each moment to let go of the fear.


Living in love.


Now that is not to say ignoring what is happening.


Dastardly things are afoot no question.


But fearing them we become like deer in the headlights. Frozen, unable to function rationally.


The logical part of the brain goes on vacation when fear is rampant.


To connect back to making wiser and mor rational decisions, love is the answer.


Love grounds us. It heals us. It connects us to higher intelligence. To the universe which has infinite knowledge and infinite wisdom.


How do we release fear and or PTSD and connect with love?


That is different for each of us.


My practices include:


Laughter Yoga, laughing for 10-15 minutes daily.


Meditation. My Laughter Guru and the founder of Laughter Yoga, Dr. Madan Kataria, says doing a simple 5 to 10 minute meditation connects us to the universe.


He credits the success of the worldwide Laughter Yoga movement to this.


He says he is not a business person. So how is it that there are tens of thousands of Laughter Yoga clubs in over 100 countries around the world?


He meditates. Answers to the next step are revealed to him.


He only needs to see the next step.


I also do yoga, ice baths, Iceman Wim Hof breathing techniques.


Regular exercise. Diet and nutrition.


Not smoking. Moderate alcohol consumption. (Beer is God’s way of showing us he loves us and wants us to be happy.)


Have recently added a Qigong morning cleansing ritual.


What practices resonate with you will be different.


The key seems to be to take action. Do something. Notice the result. Make changes.


Keep going.


Until love shows up.




To Your Joy, Energy and Health,



Matti Anttila


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