Civilization: The Worst Plague in History? Mastery Newsletter May 2, 2014

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10,000 years ago, we began the change from the hunter-gatherer life to a more agricultural one.


Did this usher in the worst plague in our history?


The agricultural revolution allowed for the evolution of our modern life. It also created the environment for a host of diseases.


Many studies now show that our bodies have not adapted to agricultural food. (!)


For literally millions of years, our systems were designed for the food we ate prior to the last 10,000 years.


10,000 years may seem a lot, but in the grand scheme of things, it is a blip. It is a mere 0.4% of our time on the planet (if 2.5 million years is correct).


My study of what has been termed “The Paleo Diet” has just begun. I am slowly moving into the experimental stage with my own body.


In future editions of this newsletter, I will report back on the results.


So far, in four weeks, I am feeling slightly better and more energetic. Nothing like the testimonials I am reading about. We will see as I move more deeply into doing it the 85% of the time that the Grandfather of Paleo Diets suggests.


He is one Loren Cordain, Ph.D.


The Paleo Diet, The Paleo Answer and The Paleo Diet for Athletes are his books.


The Wahl Protocol is written by a doctor who reversed her Multiple Sclerosis (MS) using Paleo principles.


Now, that excites me. MS is supposedly a progressively degenerating disease, i.e. it just gets worse. There can be relapses for short periods, but no cure.


And here we find a woman who goes from a wheelchair to a bicycle!


If she can do that with Paleo, then my little dis-eases should be fairly easy to address.


I feel a bit like a kid in a candy store with this study.


Stay tuned.


Love, Laughter and Smiles.




In this issue also:


-Cheap” Food is Really the Most Expensive


-Superbugs” that can overpower antibiotics are spreading – WHO


Why Markets are Rigged


How to protect yourself in the wake of the Heartbleed Bug





►FINAL WORD: Doctors heal a Tumor with Meditation alone: Watch



Choices, not Chances, are responsible for the quality of our Life. Spend time to Think, Reflect, Introspect and then Choose. -Unknown



“Cheap” Food is Really the Most Expensive

Look below the surface and see the real cost. What you pay at the store for cheap food is just the down payment. You pay five more times for it.



“”Cheap food” isn’t cheap when you consider all of the hidden costs associated with it. You make your first payment at the grocery store—just consider this your down payment, because you may be paying for it FIVE more times!


Subsidies: At tax time, you pay for “cheap food” a second time with your contribution to agricultural subsidies. Processed food is mostly corn, canola, soy, rice, wheat, and sugar. These products (along with cotton) account for 98 percent of subsidies.

Foodborne Illnesses: You may pay for cheap food a third time if you visit your doctor as a result of foodborne illnesses. CDC estimates that foodborne illnesses such as E. coli and salmonella cause 5,200 deaths each year in the US. Mass scale operations are riddled with quality control problems, leading to outbreaks of illness and food recalls.

Chronic Disease: You pay for it a fourth time if you return to your doctor later for a chronic illness—heart disease, obesity, diabetes, stroke, and cancer—consider these “foodborne” illnesses that just take a little longer to manifest. According to CDC, one in three children born in the year 2000 will develop type 2 diabetes.

Environment: As soon as the factory farmer files for bankruptcy and leaves, you pay for your food a fifth time. This is what often happens when they are asked to clean up their land—a monumental expense that often results in bankruptcy, sticking the rest of us with the tab.

Energy: The sixth time is when you pay your fuel bill. Processed foods and imported foods have an extremely large energy footprint. One-fifth of US fossil fuel consumption goes to the growing, packaging, and transporting of food.

Read the whole article



“Superbugs” that can overpower antibiotics are spreading – WHO

Note that you can’t get much more mainstream than the World Health Organization.


What is your back up plan for when the medical system gets overwhelmed with this.




Why Markets are Rigged. Amazing CBC interview with author Michael Lewis on how a Canadian sent to trade in New York for RBC Bank discovered and fixed a flaw in the system that was stealing Tens of billions of dollars from you and I.


Even the most sophisticated investors are getting screwed.


CBC interviews Brad Katsuyama


60 Minutes also covered this story.






How to protect yourself in the wake of the Heartbleed Bug. Check if your services are affected:




Primal Body, Primal Mind Beyond Paleo. Amazing nutritionist from Portland, Oregon Nora Gedgaudas




Blue Jasmine Woody Allen movie. Well done.

and, for sick minds:


Green Butcher from Denmark




“My mind works in idleness. To do nothing is often my most profitable way.”

— Virginia Woolf





Doctors heal a Tumor with Meditation alone




That’s it for now. Enjoy your month.


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