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Living Comfortably in the Cosmos Part 10. Some wisdom from Emmanuel’s Book. Mastery Newsletter Update March 26, 2014

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You are light

Wherever you are is lighted.

You are never in darkness.

You are only approaching darkness.

You are never in death.

You are only approaching death

for when death is entered

it is life.

For you are alive.


Therefore, once you have found yourself

you are infinitely safe

for you are always who you are.

Ultimately, when you return Home

to be received by God,

you will welcome yourself

with love and understanding.






Living Comfortably in the Cosmos Part 9. Mastery Newsletter Update March 19, 2014

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Living Comfortably in the Cosmos Part 9

Emmanuel’s Book is a manual for doing just that.

Some wisdom from the book:


Is the planet on the edge of destruction?


School cannot be dismissed so early.

The bell will not ring.

You will not go on the extended vacation

that many are seeking by saying

“Let’s get it over with.”


Man is still so immature

that in believing himself powerful enough

to obliterate the world

there is a sense of grandiosity

that borders on the infantile.

This immaturity gravitates to the false promise

of absolute power that negativity extends.

There is no such thing in your world

as absolute power, even in limited form.


Look within yourselves

as to where the satisfaction of an Armageddon

might be lurking.


The inappropriateness of such destruction

is self-evident to everyone on your planet.

Why, then, do you suppose

it would be less obviously inappropriate

to the All-Seeing Consciousness of Love?



But yes, there will come a time—

science is quite right—

when your planet will dissolve.

Not in your lifetimes.

But when you have all completed the schooling

the earth can go Home.

It will return to Light.





Living Comfortably in the Cosmos Part 8. Mastery Newsletter Update March 14 2014

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Emmanuel’s Book is a manual for doing just that.


Some wisdom from the book:


…there is no one in human existence

who is not your soul mate.


Strangers on the other side of the world,

at the roots of their being,

are one with you and you with them.

If only this realization

could be fostered throughout your planet,

there would never be another war,

there would never be another clash

of harmful, destructive nature




Because love

is the most powerful force in the universe

it is also the most frightening

until it has been entered into completely.

That generally happens at the finishing point

of the final life.



The only gift that anyone has to give

is the self.




Living Comfortably in the Cosmos Part 7. Mastery Newsletter Update March 12. 2014

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Living Comfortably in the Cosmos Part 7.

Emmanuel’s Book is a manual for doing just that.

Some wisdom from the book:

Death is like taking off a tight shoe.

Even when you are dead,

you are still alive.

You do not cease to exist at death.

That is only illusion.

You go through the doorway of death alive

and there is no altering of the consciousness.

It is not a strange land you go to

but a land of living reality

where the growth process is a continuation.




Dying is self-regulating.

It is of Divine origin.

It is absolutely safe.

The fear of death

is the fear of letting go.



There is no punishment in God.

There is only eternal love and understanding.



Why does someone die when they are very young?


Because they have completed their task.

There is no other reason.


You are eternal.

Once you escape from the space-time continuum,

the “young”

becomes a very old soul.


Living Comfortably in the Cosmos Part 6, Mastery Newsletter Update March 7, 2014

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“Emmanuel’s Book “is a manual for doing just that.


Some wisdom from the book:




Illness is a teaching,

a message from the soul.

When the lessons are learned

the illness becomes

a thing of no moment.



Illness exists first

in the non-physical realm

of spiritual need,

emotional confusion,

or mental aberration.

It is never primarily physical.

The body is the reactor,

it vibrates to stress

and is an outward manifestation

of inner turmoil.



There is nothing to fear in the universe.




Your “Olive Oil” May Be Poisoning You. Mastery Newsletter March 5, 2014

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 Dedicated to Health, Wealth and Fr~eedom

Your “Olive Oil” May Be Poisoning You…


Most “Extra Virgin” Olive Oil is Not Even Olive Oil



You buy “extra virgin” olive oil because you believe it’s healthy.


69% of the time, you could be buying something else.


Something that is “rancid, fusty and musty.”


Something that could be mostly soybean oil or peanut oil or canola oil or sunflower oil or any of a number of other cheaper oils.


In the well researched book Extra Virginity, The Sublime and Scandalous World of Olive Oil, author Tom Mueller points out that 69% of olive oil that is labeled “extra virgin” is not olive oil at all.


69% of Olive Oils Had…Flaws


“A recent survey of supermarket extra virgins performed by the UC Davis Olive Center, in cooperation with the Australian Oil Research Laboratory, revealed that 69 percent of oils tested had taste flaws such as rancid, fusty, and musty, which meant that they weren’t extra virgin oils at all, and had been mislabeled…similar findings were reached by Andreas Maerz in Germany, by CHOICE magazine in Australia, by the regional government of Andalucia, and by documentaries in Swiss and German television about extra virgin quality in those countries…Paul Vossen, a University of California oil specialist (says)…’I would say very seldom do we ever find one that passes as extra virgin…price is by no means an indicator of quality…The high-ticket items can be equally bad.’…


Market Awash in Counterfeit Oils


Mike Bradley concludes that ‘the market is awash in counterfeit olive oil to the point that most legitimate sellers have given up trying to sell the real thing to wholesale suppliers or restaurants. It is rare to find authentic extra virgin olive oil…even in fine restaurants that ought to know better. It’s nearly impossible in some localities…’”


More Money in Adulterating Olive Oil Than (there was) in Bootlegging


From Mueller’s book again:


“there is more profit in adulterating olive oil than there is in bootlegging. The practice of adulterating this oil has grown until it has become a menace to the honest importers in the trade.” –US Health Commissioner Royal S. Copeland speaking in 1922, two years into prohibition.



Systematic Corruption of the Olive Oil Market Continues to This Day


Over a number of years, Mueller’s research for the book took him all over the olive oil world, to Italy, Spain, Greece, and to the new world producers in California, South America and Australia.


What he found was a systematically corrupt network of growers, manufacturers, suppliers and retailers that has made the term “extra virgin” useless. Even the term “organic” is no guarantee that you and I are getting the real deal.


Good News: Healthy Olive Oil IS Available


There is a strong and vibrant movement underway of growers and retailers who care about the quality of the olive oil they produce and sell.


It IS possible to buy real olive oil and receive the anti oxidant and anti inflammatory qualities olive oil is recognized for.


The Bad News: Good Olive Oil Stings


“If an oil doesn’t sting at the back of the throat, it contains little or no oleocanthol.” (my bolding) If you are used to bland olive oils, the real deal may take some getting used to. The substances that give rise to the health benefits make olive oil bitter and sting at the back of the throat. If it stings to the point of coughing, even better.


More Good News: The Health Benefits are Awesome


From Mueller’s book again:


“ ‘A low incidence of cardiovascular disease, dementia, and certain kinds of cancer (my bolding)—these are among the central benefits attributed to the Mediterranean diet,’ says Gary Beauchamp. ‘Since the 1950s, people have accepted that olive oil, the main source of fat in this diet, is the keystone of the dietary regime.’ Some of olive oil’s positive effects stem from its monounsaturated fat profile, but, more and more, medical research suggests that the polyphenols and the other ‘minor components’ of olive oil, which constitute a scant 2 percent of its volume, are the main source of oil’s health benefits. These same substances give a high-quality olive oil its pepperiness, bitterness, and other prized sensory properties; in fact, the oil’s healthful benefits are directly proportional to the strength of its flavors, aromas, and other sensory characteristics. If an oil doesn’t sting at the back of the throat, it contains little or no oleocanthol. if it isn’t bitter, it’s low in tocopherol and squalene. If it isn’t velvety in texture, then it’s missing hydroxytyrosol.”


Sources for the Good Stuff and Not All is Expensive!


Tom Mueller’s site has sources:

As mentioned above, there are likely to be many more good supermarket oils not included in this list. Please suggest some, and I’ll try them out as soon as I can.”


Disappointment AND Excitement


Corruption of the olive oil market is disappointing. I felt like the carpet was being pulled from under me as I read Mueller’s book. At the same time, it is inspiring to hear of the many producers whose hearts are in the right place. It means that you and I, armed with this new information, can go out and get the real stuff. We can throw out the old and start getting some of the benefits of the Mediterranean diet.


Olive Oil is Anti-Inflammatory AND Anti-Oxidant


As you may know, inflammation is said to be at the root of all dis-ease. Olive oil is anti-inflammatory.


The “bad cholesterol” is only bad if it is oxidized. (My doctor, James Houston here in Victoria, agreed with me when I told him that). Olive oil, the real deal good stuff, is an anti-oxidant,


So good olive oil may protect against all dis-ease and against the effects of the ‘bad’ cholesterol.


Your Mission Should You Decide to Accept


If your current olive oil doesn’t have that pepperiness at the back of the throat, it doesn’t have the oleocanthol.


If your current olive oil isn’t bitter, it’s low in other healthy ingredients, namely tocopherol and squalene.


And if it isn’t velvety in texture, that indicates there is no hydroxytyrosol in the oil.


And if it has none of those, it may not be olive oil at all but any of a number of unhealthy and damaging vegetable oils.


Is it time to throw it out then and find a source for the real stuff?


I will leave it to your good judgement.


Love, Laughter and Smiles.


Matti Anttila

P.S. Good olive oil is “worth its weight in gold” as the saying goes. In my opinion, it is far more worthy than gold. Good health and great energy far outweigh material riches. You can always make money IF you have your health and your energy. But if you don’t have your health, money means nothing.


Therefore, I choose to pay the price for the real stuff. You wouldn’t put 50 octane gasoline into your car. Why would you put “50 octane or less” fuel into your body? Throw out the old stuff and get the real deal. You and your body deserve it.


If you are in Victoria, a great source is “Olive the Senses.”  They are in The Hudson at 1701 Douglas Street. 250.882.4210.


Also: Save On Foods carries O-Live brand. Last price check $14.99 for a litre.



Love, Laughter and Smiles.




P.S. Please enjoy the rest of the read.



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That’s it for now. Enjoy your month.


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