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for Mastery Newsletter folks: the Freedom Cell Challenge

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A successful life is….community. Connections with your loved ones and friends.

Without that, millions in the bank, fast cars and exotic holidays just don’t cut it.

Now, more than ever, that is true with how crazy the world is.

That is why John Bush (Live Free Academy “LFA”) has a free service to create local “Freedom Cells.”

I have been following him for a short time at LFA and enjoyed his take on things.


It runs for 2 hours daily Feb 19-23, 2024.

Here is John:


As an activator and co-founder of The Freedom Cell Network, it’s my responsibility to better “onboard” people into the network and show them how to use it, what to do, and how to make the most of the connections they make.

This is precisely why I created The Freedom Cells Challenge.

Ultimately, freedom is about responsibility.

I want to help you take personal responsibility for making your life freer and better.

And I’m leading by example!

Derrick Broze and I took the seed of an idea and cultivated it into a flourishing garden populated with people helping each other live out their version of liberty and prosperity.

We have put TONS of work in and have had to figure it out as we go.

That’s why it irks me a bit when someone new arrives on the network and immediately starts complaining instead of figuring out how to use the tools we’ve built and that tens of thousands of people globally are using for their benefit.

The Freedom Cells Challenge will make sure there are no more causes for confusion or complaints.

You have at your fingertips one of the greatest tools ever created for connecting with fellow freedom-loving people in real life.

Because Freedom Cells aren’t just a community organizing method.

This is about something MUCH bigger.

Ultimately, my goal is to leverage The Freedom Cell Network to replace mega-corporations, governments, and centralized, coercive institutions and systems of all kinds as a means of organizing our communities and societies and fulfilling our wants and needs.

We’re going to replace it all with decentralized, self-organizing, freedom-based institutions and systems that serve our families’ and communities’ best interests.

Isn’t that what we all want?

Isn’t that what you crave on a societal level?

Well, it’s gonna take a lot of work from a lot of people.

People who are serious about creating a free society NOW, not just for themselves, but for future generations.

The Freedom Cells Challenge might seem like a small thing to some, but it can have a massive impact on your life if you take what you learn seriously and put it into action.

I’m thinking GENERATIONALLY with the work I’m doing now.

I want to set you up to be an activator for the next generation and to connect with other leaders of the next generation.

The goal is to make the next FREEDOM generation together.

So let’s get together to make it happen.

The Freedom Cells Challenge is the first step.

Remember, the challenge goes LIVE on February 19th-23rd.

I can’t wait to see you there!

John Bush

P.S. Share this link with everyone you know looking to find real freedom friends in their local area to get things done:


P.S.S. … for now, here is where you will be able to watch Day 1 of the Challenge:



A note about connections from a successful marketer, Dean Graciosi

“Wanna know the secret to a COMPLETELY fulfilled life?


Because it’s not the millions in your bank, the fast cars or waking up by the beach…


No, in my experience it’s been ONE thing that helped me hit a new level of meaning and success in my life.


My connections.


Ever found yourself brushing your relationships to the side so you can put other priorities first?


And you tell yourself “it’s only just for now” or “when I get this done I’ll finally have the time to be the friend/partner/parent they deserve”…


… but that usually ends up being a one way ticket to the land of regret.


And trust me I’m not here to judge, I’ve made the same mistake plenty of times in my life.




But when I realized how important relationships, connections and community really were…


My life and my business took off to a whole new level.


It’s crazy because it’s so obvious to me now!


But when I look back at my first success as an entrepreneur, I put all the wrong things first.


I thought the money would be the game-changer that gave me fulfillment but it never changed much…


It didn’t take long to admit I was craving meaningful relationships to truly fill my heart.


But until I accepted I had to invest into my connections with INTENTION, only then did things change.



That would have never been possible without the deep and meaningful connection we have as friends.


And it’s how I have such a precious bond with my wife Lisa.




The bond I share with my wife is the deepest and most meaningful relationship I’ve ever known.


It helps hold me accountable to being a better man, husband, father and more in all that I do.




Without such a powerful connection I wouldn’t be capable of being the abundant man I am today.”



Share this link with everyone you know looking to find real freedom friends in their local area to get things done: