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NASA Astronauts Research Reveals:


The Single Most Important Habit You Can Acquire

 No, it’s not exercise.

It’s nothing to do with diet.

It’s not even stopping smoking. In fact:

If you don’t have this habit, you are at more danger of dying than if you smoked a pack a day!

Special Report shows you how you can easily and painlessly change your health, fitness and yes, even longevity by implementing this one habit.

One habit can dramatically improve everything about your life.

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When physiologist Joan Vernikos was Director of Life Sciences at NASA she discovered this secret in her work with astronauts.

Her research is turning health and fitness dogma on its ear.

It seems we have been focusing on the minor things by over-exercising, by obsessing about food. This one habit trumps them all.

My Special Report on “The Single Most Important Habit You Can Acquire” spells out how you too can easily and painlessly insert this habit into your daily routine and get the benefits: better health, more energy, a higher level of fitness, without exercise and massive changes to your diet.

Matti Anttila

My name is Matti Anttila and for over two decades, I have published Mastery Newsletter. The focus has been on health, wealth and freedom.

And I can tell you I was astounded to learn this. After so many years of study, I could not believe that I and many others had not stumbled on to this.

This habit is summed up in four short words.

All we have to do is read a short sentence of four words and add one habit to make huge, positive changes in our lives. All backed up the scientific research at NASA.

My Special Report on “The Single Most Important Habit You Can Acquire” fills in some more detail, but you don’t even have to read it all to get the benefits.

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Shocking Revelation:

69% Chance Your “Organic, Extra Virgin” Olive Oil is Toxic

It may not even be olive oil.

Free Special Report reveals how even expensive, “high end” olive oils can be adulterated. They can be anything but olive oil: Peanut, soy, safflower and a host of other cheaper oils.

The benefits of the “Mediterranean Diet” may be totally lost if you are consuming these high Omega-6 oils.

This free Special Report is about solutions. How to get the real olive oil and probably get it for a LOT cheaper than toxic oil.

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“Immunize” Yourself Against Cancer, Diabetes and Heart Disease? (No Vaccines)

Read how others have prevented and even reversed the symptoms of those conditions…and many others.

Three short, easy-to-read reports show how you may do the same.

Yours at no cost with your free subscription to Mastery Newsletter.

Bonus Report #1: World Without Cancer

Read about the discovery of the cause of and cure for cancer, as detailed in G. Edward Griffin’s book World Without Cancer. This report empowers you with the information you need to help prevent cancer in your life and the lives of your family members. How NOT to be the one out of three that is forecast to develop cancer over a lifetime.


Bonus Report #2: Preventing and Reversing Diabetes

Dr. Ron Rosedale and others have had success in actually reversing the symptoms of this disease that is approaching epidemic proportions.

Report #2 shows how Dr. Rosedale did it and provides the knowledge, wisdom and empowerment on how we may opt-out of this wasting disease.


Bonus Report #3: Teeth & Heart Disease

Is this the most important health book of the 20th Century? Nutrition and Physical Degeneration shows How to Heal Your Teeth and Your Body Through Ancient Dietary Wisdom.

Over 70 years ago, a Cleveland dentist traveled the world looking for societies with perfect teeth. He found 14 of them, looked at what was common among all of them and discovered the underlying principles of health and longevity. Report #3 provides the results of his research AND how to access this landmark work for free.


WAIT! There’s more. (heh heh)

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Bonus Report #4. Rev up Your Body’s Engine Using the Wisdom of the Ages.

What we put in our mouths is critical to our energy, our health and even our intelligence. Nourishing Traditions shows how to use the wisdom of the ages to balance your food input and regain the health and energy we were designed for.


Bonus Report #5. How to Get What You Want and Want What You Have

Author John Gray says: “Whenever you are not getting what you need, you are always looking in the wrong direction. Material success can only make you happy if you are already happy. The power to get what you want comes from confidence, positive feeling, and desire. You have the power to change. No one else can do it for you.”

Just how do we make those changes? Find out in Report #5.


Bonus Report #6. Tap into Your Most Powerful Resource, Your Own Intuition

With all the distractions we have, many of us get disconnected from that intuition. This is a simple and easy-to-use system that takes moments a day.

Bonus Report #6 may surprise you with how easy it is to make empowered decisions by accessing your hidden Inner Wisdom.


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Now, You Too Can Tackle the Biggest Health Challenges Facing us Today

Why am I offering all this for free?

Frankly, I believe in the Law of Attraction. In other words, I choose to provide some of the best, most life supporting information, knowledge and wisdom for free…because I get so much from the giving and it opens up my life to magic and miracles. That is the power of giving.

Mastery Newsletter has no cost and has not had since its inception in the early 90s.


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“I have gotten so much great health information from your newsletter that it has definitely changed the way I eat and the supplements I take. I feel that I have eliminated most of the really bad things and found out about essential nutrients that I needed. I expect this to greatly increase my chances of a healthier old age…I feel that it keeps me informed without having to sort through so much garbage news.”

–Terri Zink, Larkspur, CA, USA.

This is the kind of impact Mastery Newsletter has had on readers over the years.

The big picture on major health issues: Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Disease and many other conditions.


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“..(Mastery Newsletter is) among the most well researched, no nonsense, practical and timely of the massive number of newsletters offered via the Internet. You save me dozens of hours of time in doing my own research on the topics you make available. In addition, there is no filler material nor grandiose schemes in any of the material you have sent me.”

-Lance Tomlyn Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada


“I am amazed at your research and the depth and breadth of the information you present. Thank you for making this gift available to so many people.”

-Esther Hart Bowen Island, BC, Canada


“…deep, thought-provoking and very informative.” -Jessica Fergus


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“The articles are thought provoking, illuminating, informative and greatly enjoyed every time they arrive. Compliments to you for your outstanding work! I look forward to many more. Thanks again,”                 -Catherine Hallock, Victoria, BC, Canada


“I find some of the articles provocative, some hard to believe, some informative but all very useful. I find them extremely helpful in expanding my world view, and increasing my curiosity about what is really going on in the world.

-Eric Watson, Nelson, BC, Canada

“The act of giving something to others is an art of flowering your heart.” ~ Vinayak



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