Feel Authentic Joy…Even When Unhappy


“Authentic Joy” is the key and you have this joy inside you right now.


All you need to do is to get reconnected with it.



Think of yourself like an ocean. Underneath the storms on the surface, deep down the sea is calm and peaceful.



Your emotions are like the waves on the surface of the ocean. They can be quite turbulent or they can be calm and peaceful, but…




Deep down below the surface, you have a calm and peaceful center. That’s where your “Authentic Joy” is sitting, right now.




You Can Feel Your Own “Authentic Joy” Minutes After Downloading the Free Video on the Right, and…


You Can Feel Your Own “Authentic Joy” Even When You Are Unhappy!




My name is Matti Anttila. I’m a Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher.

Matti Anttila


Laughter is one of the great keys to your “Authentic Joy.”




Laughter works quickly and easily.





AND…it’s free! The FREE video on the right shows you how, and…



You can use the video to access your “Authentic Joy” every day.


Inside all of us is an “Inner Presence.”


Many will meditate for years to feel this presence and to access the inner joy.




Others will pursue happiness through outer “objects” be they a spouse they think will bring happiness, a great job or career, a house, a fast car, great monetary wealth, big screen TV. The list is endless.



All the while, your Inner Presence is waiting to deliver “Authentic Joy” to you…freely and immediately.



Get the free video now to access your own “Authentic Joy”…within minutes.


Don’t wait. Get the video now!



Much Joy and Laughter to you,





P.S.#1: If you are skeptical and think that happiness is not “realistic” in this world…never mind joy, calm and peace of mind, I understand.


I, too, have suffered from bouts of horrid feelings…depression so deep I cried out in the middle of a sleepless night: “God, if you’re there, help me!”


And I am here to tell you…That can change for you…in minutes.



Feeling overwhelmed by life, feeling badly, even being depressed are no match for the power of laughter.



Listen, no one can force you to laugh.




But, if you bring just one thing to the table, you too can experience Authentic Joy in a matter of minutes.


And that one thing is willingness.




If you have had enough of the “bad” stuff in your life and you want to get some of the “good” stuff, then get the video.




It is possible that you may have to work with it (play with it) a few times over a few days to get the benefits, but that’s highly unlikely.



Don’t waste any more time.




Life is too short.



Enjoy it now.


Don’t wait for your “ship to come in.”


Many of us have waited all our lives.


Feel your own Authentic Joy now…within minutes.



Get the free video…now.


Go over to the top  right of this screen and download the video…feel joy in minutes.

P.S. #2: Just in case you are thinking: “I laugh all the time, all day long, what do I need a laughter video for?”



Consider: “Every day” laughter, laughing at a joke and so on, usually lasts about 3-5 seconds.


To get the health benefits (reduction of stress hormones like cortisol and increase of feel good hormones like endorphins):



We need 10-15 minutes of sustained laughter to get the health benefits and to feel “Authentic Joy.”



Once you download the video and participate with me, you will see and feel the difference.


The difference is like “plugging in” to the wall socket and getting a jolt of your own electricity.


The power of your own laughter is enough to blow the circuits off any latent negativity in the system.



The power of your own sustained laughter is awesome.


Experience it now.

Go right now and get the video on the top right of this page.



You will be happy you did.


Thank you…and whatever you do, I wish you much love…and keep smilin’ and laughin’.








“Health is the true wealth, not pieces of gold and silver.”           -Mahatma Gandhi





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