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Laughter is a “Gateway Drug” Mastery Newsletter May 27, 2019

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Caution: Extended periods of laughter can lead to other behaviour changes.


Full disclosure: I am a “Laughter Addict.”


I am writing this warn you about the dangers of getting hooked on laughter.


Oh, it seems safe enough to begin with.


Like other substances, it makes you feel good at first.


You have seen it yourself if ever you watched a really funny movie and laughed until tears streamed down your face…and your belly ached from so much laughter.


If felt good, didn’t it?


But be careful: too much exposure to laughter can lead you on to other activities. Activities you never expected.


Here is my cautionary tale.


Laughter, and here I mean extended periods of ten to fifteen minutes or more, can lead to more smiles on the face.


Those smiles can spread in the body and you may find a smile in the belly. Again this is disguised as a warm and fuzzy feel-good kind of thing.


Don’t be deceived, there is more to come, much more.


You can find yourself talking to strangers more and having fun doing it.


You can find that your breathing takes on a different tone entirely. That is, you may breathe deeper and more slowly.


This is so sneaky. Again, at first that may not seem too much to deal with.


But then, along with the smiling, the slower breathing, extended laughter can also cause you to feel heightened self esteem.


Now here is where it gets a little dangerous.


This new self esteem can cause you to take action that you would not have considered otherwise.


Actions that be dangerous to your view of the world.


As we know, the world is a dangerous place. What with war, famine, divisive politics, the environment going to heck in a handbasket…


This new self esteem can lead you to be more generous. Your generosity can cause you to feel that all is right with the world.


Can you see the pitfalls here?


Further, you may find yourself singing along to songs on the radio more.


Talk about distracted driving. We can’t have that kind of thing spreading.


You may be preparing breakfast and find yourself dancing to music. Oh my goodness, knives and dancing. What a recipe for disaster.


If you continue down this road, you may find that you no longer feel like there isn’t enough time for everything that needs doing.


Have to nip that in the bud! We know for sure that we have to keep moving faster and faster or else we will fall behind.


Now, I admit, there are some who can come to our Laughter Yoga sessions and not get addicted.


They just laugh for an hour for no reason and they are able to walk away from it before it catches fire in their souls.


But can you take the chance?


You may have an addictive personality and then where are you?


On the slippery slope to all those “side effects” of an extended laughter session.


So I urge you to reconsider if a so-called friend invites you to come with them to a Laughter Yoga class.


Just for your information, so you know exactly what times and places to avoid:


Laughter Yoga in Victoria, BC, Canada are held at Beacon Hill Park at 10.30 AM on Sundays during spring and summer.


If you must go to Beacon Hill Park, steer well clear of the sundial in the middle of the park.


Better yet, sleep in on Sundays to avoid any temptation.


Mondays at 4.30pm at the VIHA building across from Esquimalt Rec Centre. Take an alternate route home if you have to.


And for sure, stay well away from Willows Beach area on Wednesday nights at 7pm. Especially near the Tea Room.


Those are the places and times to avoid if you don’t want to get addicted to laughter.


Remember: laughter is addictive. And it is a gateway to numerous other activities that can change your view of life forever. It can alter your habits. It can make life seem to be better in many ways.


But we know that is not real. Life is dangerous and we have to be on guard at all times.


We have to be ready for fight or flight at all moments of the day.


On more thing. Extended laughter periods can also cause you to sleep more soundly.


And we know how dangerous that can be in this world. We can’t have that.


So take note from one who is fully addicted to laughter and has many of the side effects as well.


Stay well away. Unless you really are ready to have your world changed in a fundamental way.




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