How to Add Ten Good Years to Your Life


In Four Easy Steps and in Just Minutes a Day,

You Too Can Add Ten Good Years to Your Life.

And when I say “Easy Steps” I mean just that.

Four simple-to-do actions that take a few minutes and are PROVEN to add years to your life.

And these easy steps are FREE..for now anyway.


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This is not about making big changes in lifestyle
, starting a heavy duty exercise routine or even making huge changes in diet. Instead these four actions build resiliency. And they build it in four areas of your life. With these four minutes-a-day actions (you can’t even call them exercises because they take so little effort), you will become more physically, mentally, emotionally and socially resilient…GUARANTEED.


More than 1,000 peer reviewed research papers show that you can add ten years to your life by boosting four types of resiliency:
physical, mental, emotional and social. And ANYONE can do this. As I said, these are ACTIONS, not exercises. They take little physical effort, so even people with physical disabilities can do them.


Get the most results with the least effort: That is the focus of the 108 Tips for More Joy, Energy and Health.
My name is Matti Anttila. I am a health, fitness and longevity Scout. What I do is scout out the most effective pathways for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual growth. I have tested out many dead-ends and shortcuts that DON’T work…so you don’t have to.


You are busy. I know this without having to ask you.
It’s a common thing in the modern world. How many times have you started an exercise program and had to give it up because there just wasn’t enough time? Or, have you made a commitment to eat healthier food and found yourself gulping down some fast food? It happens to all of us.


The best intentions sometimes aren’t enough BECAUSE OF THE PRESSURE ON OUR TIME.
Wouldn’t it be nice to find actions we can take that get the job done in the shortest possible time? Adding ten years to your life is something you can do in just minutes a day. AND it’s just four of 108 easy-to-do steps that can improve and BALANCE your life. I have tested the 108 steps. Some of them are simple and take only a few moments. Others, quite frankly, take a little more effort. BUT, If I can do them, so can you.


I know what you’re thinking. “108 steps? That sounds overwhelming.”
he good news is each step only takes a few moments and they build on each other and compound their benefits as you integrate them into your life.


The Bad News? It takes some discipline.


The Good News?  It only takes a LITTLE discipline.

The Great News?   WE FOCUS THAT SMALL AMOUNT OF DISCIPLINE TO BUILD A HABIT. You and I are creatures of habit. Habits run automatically. You could say our habits RUN US.

All we need to do is exert SOME discipline to install a new habit. Once something is a habit, it is easy to keep it going. ESPECIALLY if you are getting great benefits and WANT to keep getting the benefits.


Here’s what you can expect with The 108 Tips for More Joy, Energy and Health.

¤ The Four Easy Steps to Add Ten Years to Your Life are included in Tips 92 to 95.


¤ A Cancer Prevention Strategy That is as Simple as Breathing. A two-time Nobel Prize Winner reveals all in Tip # 9.


¤ Eat this food which is scientifically proven to help prevent cancer.
Tip # 84.


¤ Five simple actions that can make you happier.
Tips 17 to 21.


¤ How being happy right now can make success easier.
Tips 65 to 69.


¤ How to buy happiness.
Yes, happiness CAN be bought, but not in the way you are probably thinking. Tip # 71.


¤ How many friends is the right number
to make you the happiest? See tip # 73.


¤ How to fight off cold and flus without vaccines.
Tip # 87.


¤ Get rid of Colds and Flus Faster.
A one minute action revealed in tip # 90.


¤ Flush out radioactive isotopes from your body.
The nuclear accidents around the world, Fukushima, Chernobyl, Three Mile Island, have added to our “background” radiation. Here is one simple daily action to help flush radioactive isotopes from your body (And your family’s). Tip # 85.


¤ Get the love you need.
We need many types of love. Here’s how to get them all. Tips 74 to 83.


¤ Feel Good More of the Time.
Tip #1 shows how to expand those moments of feeling good into minutes, hours, days, months and even years.


¤ More Energy and Easier Weight Loss by Breaking This Food Addiction.
Many of us are addicted to a specific food substance and no, it is not actually white sugar (sucrose). Many who have done this 14 day protocol found more energy and even found their ideal weight without dieting. Tip # 6.


¤ Feel Lighter by “Detoxing” Your Body. “Detoxing” is controversial. Some swear by it. Others pooh-pooh it as hocus-pocus. Read both sides of the argument. What modern medicine says and what the 3,000 year old systems of healing from China, India and Tibet have to say about it. An easy-to-do detox is included. Tip # 23.


¤ Clear up emotions that may be at the root of dis-ease.
Emotions are said to be “upstream” from physical ailments. Clear up the emotions and your physical symptoms may just drop away on their own. In the 1800s, Edward Bach made his name by devising Bach Flower Remedies for doing just that. Thousands of years before Bach, the Mayan Indians of Meso-America had similar solutions for clearing up the emotions. Tip # 24 shows how to do it in literally seconds a day.


¤ “Electromagnetic pollution” is said to be one of the modern day causes of dis-ease. Cell phone towers, “smart” meters and other new technologies are said to increase the load of electromagnetic pollution in our bodies. How you can have all that pass you by instead of passing through your body. Tip # 14.


¤ Your home is a “toxic soup” of modern day chemicals and endocrine disruptors. This can wreak havoc with your hormones. Plastics that mimic estrogen are said to “feminize”men. Modern chemistry has brought us many miracles. Modern chemistry also has us living in a “toxic soup” inside our own homes. I admit these tips CAN take some more work, but the pay-off is a home much safer for you and your family. Tips 27 to 36.


¤ Taking Calcium Supplements can Lead to Brittle Bones and Even to Death!
The “Death by Calcium” tip is a mind blower for many. We have been taught to take calcium for osteoporosis. Tip # 26 shows what to do instead.


¤ Model what these “primitive” societies do and you too could find a healthy, long and productive life. In the 1930s an American dentist became so disgusted with the state of children’s’ teeth that he traveled with world searching for solutions, He found 14 so called “primitive” societies with zero cavities. Coincidentally, all those groups had no crime, no police, no jails, no judges. They didn’t need them. They also lived healthy, vital and productive lives right into their 90s and beyond. Tip # 37 lays out their stories and how we can apply the same ideas in today’s modern world.


¤ “Fire Your Dentist.” Is it possible? In tips 38 to 54, you will find all the information on how oral health is linked to overall health. Cavities and gum disease are rampant. These tips cover everything from how to cure tooth decay with food to mercury fillings to why not to use fluoride to root canals and many stops in between. These tips alone can change your life and reduce the trips to the dentist.


¤ How Giving Gifts Can Help Heal Dis-ease.
Gifit giving has eased symptoms of conditions like Multiple Sclerosis and other immune system diseases. Tip # 29.


¤ Why pampering yourself is critical to success.
Tip # 72.


¤  Get Your Mind and Body on the Same Page.
Sometimes your mind may say one thing and your body says something else. Tips 58 to 64 deal with mind-body harmony.


¤ How to Make Wiser Decisions. Sometimes we are faced with making a big decision in our lives. Here is a simple way to access our inner wisdom to choose wisely. Tip # 3.


¤ Release the “Number One Killer,” Stress, From Your Life.
Meditation is one of the great stress relievers. But how do you do it and how do you know you are doing it right? Tip #7 has a simple way to ensure you are on the right path, again in minutes a day.


¤ How to stay young by keeping your brain active
. No, it’s not crossword puzzles! Tip # 15 shows you what to do instead.


¤ Learn a Language in Days.
Tip # 15 shows how.


¤ Improve Your Memory as You Age. Many fear losing their memories in older age. But, you are actually hardwired to have a BETTER memory in older age. Tip # 22 shows what to do.


¤ Better Sleep. See Tip # 55 for an action plan.


¤ A Fifteen Second “Solution” for All Dis-ease. There is an epidemic of “Silent Inflammation.” Silent because you can’t feel it. But many researchers point to this silent inflammation as being at the root of all dis-ease. This fifteen second solution may help prevent the dis-eases of modern life from cancer, diabetes, heart disease on down. Tip # 56 shows you how.


¤ Tap into the wisdom of our elders.
Tip #91 shows you what five lessons are the most important from those on their death beds.


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You may not have seen any book, course or program that covers so much territory. Many books, courses and programs charge big bucks for a fraction of what of what is in The 108 Tips for More Joy, Energy and Health.


I ask myself that every day.
Why am I giving away a lifetime of study and research? Why have I spent decades going down many dead-ends and chosen NOT to get paid to share the life changing results?


I don’t know. I guess maybe I am just too lazy to package it all into a “sale-sy” type product. I may very well do that. In fact, now that I am thinking about it, I will probably break all this information down into smaller chunks and sell them separately. For now, you can take advantage of my laziness and have it ALL at no cost. But if I were you, I would do it NOW…before I change my mind.


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