Love Wins. Mastery Newsletter, September 13, 2022

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Love Wins

Mastery Newsletter, September 13, 2022


Love always wins.


Because it is a higher energy than hate, then terror, than anxiety, worry, fear, etc.


Those are all denser vibrations.


Love is lighter.


Think of it this way.


According to Ayurvedic principles (Ayurveda is the 3,000 year old Indian system of medicine), there are 7 main energy centres or chakras in the body.


The lowest one at the base of the spine is the survival chakra.


This is where we live and react from when we are threatened.


The first priority built into us is our survival.


So this is the most basic drive, motivation and impetus: survival.


The next chakra up is the sexual drive. This relates to survival of the species built into us by nature.


The third chakra is located around the belly and it is the power chakra.


This is where the so called elite live. They love to exert power over others. Henry Kissinger is quoted as saying “Power is an aphrodisiac.”

That perhaps is why the “elite” have become stuck there.


They manipulate others, namely you and I if they can to inject fear, knock us down to the lowest chakra, the survival one.


When we are in fear, we don’t have access to the higher energies nor access to logic.


Instead, at this level we can only react as if we are under attack. Whether we are or not is immaterial.


Now, why does love win?


Because the love chakra or energy centre is at the heart level and it is a higher vibration.




Not to over simplify it, but it seems really clear.


Live and operate from this higher energy centre of love and you trump the “elite” who are living one energy centre lower.




So we don’t have to get into fights with the elite.


In fact, if we do, we lose. They have the predominant weapons/tools at the power chakra level.


All we have to do is fall in love and stay there.


Live and act from the heart…always.


Yes, easier said than done.


But that is our task. That is how we win over the forces of darkness that are working hard to enslave us in the fear vibration.


The word courage is derived from the French coeur, which means heart.


So take heart me hardies, me lovelies.


Live in love today, every day and every moment.


Know that we have won.





To Your Joy, Energy and Health,



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