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Ordinary riches can be stolen; real riches cannot. In your soul are infinitely precious things that cannot be taken from you.               Oscar Wilde


One of the concerns/worries/anxieties/fears of the current situation is: Will I have enough money?


Here is an exercise from my book THE ZEN OF JOY that can help to lift money worries:



According to the “Barefoot Doctor,” money concerns or worries seem to afflict many people. Even the wealthy can have money worries. The CBS 60 Minutes program did a piece on the owner of the Dallas Cowboys, Jerry Jones, who is worth $2 Billion. Jerry Jones confessed that he was worried about losing it all and going bankrupt. So, you and I are not alone with our money concerns, and…




                           Worry of any kind can affect your health.




Let’s see what we can do to lift or ease the worry around money. This is a “qigong” technique designed to lift money worries. Thanks to the “Barefoot Doctor,” who says this technique has worked for countless people to ease their money worries.




People have worked hard but not seen their income reflect that hard work. This technique works on the principle of the Five Elements theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) by strengthening our “inner earth.”  As you may know, TCM lists five elements that need to be in balance: earth, air, fire, water and metal.




By strengthening our earth element, we magnetize ourselves to receive inbound wealth.




Here is how to do it:




Stand comfortably, feet about shoulder distance apart.




Imagine a silk cord at the top and back of your head, pulling your head up. This allows your spine to lengthen easily, effortlessly. It pulls your chin in a little as the silk cord gently eases the spine. Imagine the vertebrae being like pearls on a string, suspended by this silk cord.




Notice any tensions in the neck, upper back, lower back. Allow those tensions to ease.  Rock gently back and forth, finding the spot where you are most centred, where you are using the least amount of muscle strength to hold yourself in place.




Do the same rocking side to side, again finding the spot where you are using the least amount of muscle to hold yourself up.  Now, bring your hands together in front of you making a fist with each hand. Let the fists come together to touch each other in front of your belly. Hold the fist shape firmly but not tensed.




Breathe in gently to the belly and the lungs together. Allow your diaphragm to come down and your belly to come out as you breathe in.  As you breathe out, allow your fists to go forward while sounding the sound of HUUUUUU.




No need to overextend either the fists or the breath. Be gentle.  The arms should form the shape of a circle while doing this.  When you have finished breathing out, breathe in and bring the fists back to starting position.




Repeat for a total of 6 times.




Then, stand still with eyes closed.  Imagine you are standing in a field with plants all around you.  Those plants, instead of vegetation, imagine rolls of $100 bills sprouting from the ground. (Use whatever currency you use daily.)




There are so many that you would easily have enough to last you all your life.  You have a sack with you and you collect these rolls of currency and stuff them into your sack.




Here, you can use the previous protocol and feel the inner smile as you are doing this.  Someone happens to be passing by so you toss them a roll of currency as well.  You can be generous because there are so many rolls you could never use them all yourself.




This exercise helps to increase the “Inner Earth.”  Increasing Inner Earth helps to instigate a stream of inbound wealth. There is no telling where or how it will come.




Now, and this is very important, 




Be open to opportunities and willing to take them as they appear.




More on The Barefoot Doctor at




Your mission, should you decide to accept, is:

Do this at least twice a day from now on, but at least for 3 days.

(Time commitment: 3 minutes 2 times a day)




If money is your hope for independence you will never have it.  The only real security that a man will have in this world is a reserve of knowledge, experience, and ability.  -Henry Ford



To Your Joy, Energy and Health,



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