What lessons has 2015 brought? Mastery Newsletter Dec. 9, 2015

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Mastery Newsletter Dec.9, 2015


Another wonderful year drawing to a close. What lessons has 2015 brought? That is the question I like to reflect on at this time of the year.


☼ The importance of connection. Staying in touch with family, with friends supports and nourishes my health.


☼ Laughter and chanting are great ways to be more intimate with others.


☼ Daily laughter of 10-15 minutes is a great preventive of stress and stress release also.


☼ Stress is insidious. It lurks in us all in modern society.


☼ EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique is a great process for release of subconscious beliefs. It needs to be used regularly as deeper and deeper layers come to the surface.


☼ Asking the subconscious to release stress through afformations works well. AFFORMATIONS by Noah St. John is the book.


☼ Trauma Release through trembling works well. Again, needs regular practice. THE REVOLUTIONARY TRAUMA RELEASE PROCESS by David Berceli.


☼ Regular Yoga practice is a delight and useful. Just 10 minutes a day is great release.


☼ Meditation daily, even 10 minutes, works well.


☼ Keeping a regular schedule is useful for keeping elimination regular.


☼ Posture work from Esther Gokhale’s wonderful work 8 STEPS TO A PAIN-FREE BACK is just awesome and empowering.


☼ I need a health coach, at least one. Interviewing naturopaths over the next few weeks to see who I can work with as my primary health care provider. Though I will have to pay for the service, my health is worth it.


☼ My doctor is retiring, so I will have to search for a new allopathic doctor.


☼ Thankful, deeply thankful, for only having a few health issues and nothing major. Still, it is important to nip them in the bud so they don’t develop further.


☼ Intuition is important to listen to.


☼ Dream journaling could be quite valuable. Ray Davies of the Kinks rock group said that was and is how he writes his songs. He works at remembering his dream, staying in that state as long as possible when waking. That has produced some of the best rock songs.


☼ Energy work is available to us all. Just placing my hands on my stomach and thanking for healing my stomach and digestive system has fully eased any symptoms of my acid reflux. (Knock on wood)


☼ Hearing is critical. My new (cheap) hearing aid has created more clarity.


☼ The energy work and visualization has so far kept my eyes so I do not yet need reading glasses. Yay!


☼ The life I am leading is absolutely perfect as it is right now. I still continue to reach for more goals and my real challenge is fully appreciating all my blessings in this moment.


☼ I know movie makers manipulate my emotions. I don’t care. I love to laugh and cry in the same movie.


☼ Early to sleep is a challenge, but so worth it. It allows me to get up earlier as I am most productive in the morning.


☼ Nature never hurries, but everything gets done.


☼ I love to study and am devoting more time to it.


☼ Need to focus on making more income…sooner rather than later. I have some goals that need extra income. (Reaching for the stars)


☼ Important to release doing stuff that does not serve me, either in reaching goals or in having fun.


☼ Enjoying Toastmasters and learning from the process.


☼ NATUROPATHIC ONCOLOGY is a great work by naturopath Dr. Neil McKinney. Not only does it provide scientifically based info on dealing with cancer, but also great prevention strategies for cancer and all diseases.


☼ THE WAHLS PROTOCOL by Dr. Terry Wahls and PERFECT HEALTH DIET by Paul Jaminet and Shou-Ching Jaminet are the two health diet books that had have the most impact this year.


☼ TAPPING INTO WEALTH by Margaret Lynch is my introduction to EFT and having great fun with it.


☼ HOW TO GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY by my friend Kressa Kristina Sisu is a great way to keep on track.


☼ There is lots of support available. My friend Fred and I meet weekly on Skype and in person once a month to check in on each others progress. It is kind of like a brainstorming session and also a Master Mind session. Valuable as it is easy for me not to see some issues because I am so close to it. Always learn something about myself each time.


☼ Providing positive input and gentle suggestions on improvement works a lot better than criticism. Toastmasters meetings are great at this.


☼ Good sleep is critical. It is also one of the easiest things to skimp on. Need it more as I age.


Wow. What a list, I just realize. I can come back and view this whenever I think I am moving too slowly. Thank you for being there to write for. Makes all the difference.


Happy Christmas and may 2016 be your most joyous year ever!!!




Love, Laughter and Smiles.






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That’s it for now. Enjoy your month.


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