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It can make all the difference


I was packing up the night before my flight to London, England last month. Couldn’t find my passport anywhere. I knew it was around as I remembered slipping into one of these new RFID protected passport cases. (Passports and credit cards with microchips need to be protected as criminals can buy cheap machines for scanning all the info off them)


As the evening wore on, I was getting more and more agitated. Anything else but the passport and I could still fly. But they won’t let you on the plane without the government stamp of approval that the passport conveys.


I had gone through my suitcase a few times but to no avail. Eventually I went to sleep trusting and hoping it would show up in the morning.


On the morrow and in desperation, I pulled everything apart in the suitcase and voila, there it was…huge sigh of relief.


Why had I not seen it earlier?


Because I was afraid to mess up my suitcase! You see, I learned this trick from Arthur Frommer’s book “Europe on Five Dollars a Day.” (yes, a long time ago). By tightly rolling up shirts, one can arrive and have them not be wrinkled. I had been afraid to unroll them. I didn’t want to have to roll them up again.


It was only when I was willing to make a mess that I discovered my treasure…my passport.


It occurs to me that this may be a wonderful analogy for life.


What treasure am I not finding because I am afraid to mess up my neatly ordered life?


Hmm…thought to keep in mind.




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