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Imagine a deep feeling of happiness, joy, strength and fulfillment.


Do you think we can achieve that from sensory delights? Things like eating delicious food, drinking alcohol, doing drugs? Or even sex?


All these can give us momentary pleasure. But are they not fleeting?


What can give us a more solid, a deeper sense of satisfaction? A feeling of “deep joy?”


Have you not found that doing something nice for someone else gives a good feeling?


In the book The Blue Zones, author Dan Buettner tells of a vibrant woman in her 90s. She gets up early every day to make the drive around providing service to other elderly folks. She keeps going all day with lots of energy. She feeds people, talks to them, reads to them, listens to them.


And she remains young at heart. Does helping others give her energy? Does helping others feed her own health? And longevity?


When Dr. Shigeaki Hinohara was profiled in Japan Times, he was 97. He has written about 40 books…since the age of 70!


He works 18 hours a day…seven days a week!


Where does he get the energy?


He says people have it all wrong. It does not come from food or sleep. It comes from feeling good.


And how do you suppose he gets to feeling good? Not from food. He eats sparsely. Not from alcohol. Not from drugs. Not getting massages or any other sensory delight.


No. He gets it from contributing to others. Teaching, lecturing, writing for the benefit of others.


What can you do today to help someone else?


Helping others may actually be the most selfish thing we can do. Why? Because of the sense of satisfaction and fulfillment we enjoy when we do so.


So, your challenge: Do something truly selfish today. Help someone else. Spend time talking and listening to an older person. Email someone letting them know you appreciate them. Smile at someone on the street. Think of something. Do it.


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P.S. So far as I can tell, Dr. Hinohara’s books have not been translated into English yet.




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